8 Reed, 9 Jaguar, 10 Eagle, 11 Owl

Ok, so today is 10 Eagle.  There are 40 more days until the US Presidential Election, so that means it will be 11 Eagle when that happens.  Changes will continue!  On Nov. 6th it is our value systems that will change, not that we will all get more money, but new ideas of what constitutes “value”.

10 Eagle, should manifest a new vision, a new form of wealth or value, like our prayers getting answered but not how we expected. .  If not used consciously, this energy could manifest as some kind of aggressive attitude.

8 Reed was Tuesday, and that was a powerful day of laws of Heaven and laws of Man coming into sharp contrast.  It was good that Barack Obama gave speeches at the UN and Clinton Global Initiative, but in Spain there were almost a million people surrounding their Parliament demanding the resignation of the entire government!  Police had huge batons they were beating people with for no apparent reason, most were sitting on the ground with their hands raised.

Two days before the US elections is 9 Reed.  Obama is 9 Reed, the same as July 4, 1776.  So he will bring the freedom’s guaranteed in that document to all of us, like I’ve said before, it is just a matter of US, you and I, standing up and freeing ourselves from corporate domination that will give Obama the freedom to act from his own conscience, not his corporate overlords’ demands.

9 Jaguar day was yesterday, Julian Assange mocked Obama’s speech from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, saying that Obama should end the persecution of Wikileaks and private Bradley Manning.

Tomorrow 11 Owl, change your understanding and enhance your wisdom.

The Jaguar Prophet has spoken!

I manifest now that everyone who has not done so will come to me for a Maya calendar Reading!  Know your true place purpose in the Universe!  contact me at cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com

-Carlos Cedillo


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