5 Owl Love Reconciliation

Hi All!

I know it’s been too long since I sat down to write a blog post. There’s been no shortage of great things to write about, just very little time!  Also, I have just been feeling very private lately.  Today is a good time to get your life in balance and reconcile differences you may have with your loved ones!

Harmony prevails today so be sure to reach out and when the time is right just lay it on the line and open your heart to the wonderful healing energies.  Just try not to over-do it.

Apologizing is one thing, but do not let yourself become a doormat either.

Sit on a Rock and meditate if you have time.

Write music!

For the past few weeks, the political scene has been all about the debates.  Of course the Lame-Stream media does not mention that a few third party candidates have been completely shut out of the debates.  Never-the-less, life goes on and we cannot allow the Dark forces to completely pull us backwards.  I told my friends after the first Pres. debate that Obama was just toying with Romney like a cat toys with a mouse.  He let Romney think he was getting away with a victory, but in the second debate, which took place on a Jaguar day, Obama pounced and pulled Romney to pieces saving the last moment of the debate to bite the head off with the 47% remark Romney made, leaving no time for a rebuttal.  Masterful!!!!

Please vote for Obama!!!! I love you all!


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