9 Ahau, Light Brite, 60 DAYS LEFT!

  • “Hey, It’s the Sun and it makes me Smile, because I’m on my way!”  – Polyphonic Spree

Today may be Monday on your calendar, but on the Sacred Maya Tzolkin it is 9 Sun/Ancestors.  Today is more like a “Sun-day” than yesterday was!

Cool thing about today is that 520 days ago was supposed to be the “Rapture”.  May 21, 2011 at 6:00pm PST, was calculated by a radical preacher from California, Harold Camping, as the proverbial “End of the World”.  Welllll, things did not turn out the way he expected!  The funny thing is that the day he picked was, according to the Maya tzolkin, a perfect day for the return of Christ-Consciousness energy!!!  …and so is today!

9 is the energy of completion, interconnectedness and Light (or Christ) centered consciousness.  Any time the number nine pops up with any of the 20 day Glyphs, there is this extra special feeling.

Ahau is the Sun and our Ancestors and the day all artists deserve to get paid!  It is the completion of a 20 day cycle and all other large cycles end on Ahau days.

So Mr. Camping picked a great day for Jesus to come on down, but his other false/out-dated/corrupted belief system kept his eyes closed to the true meaning of the day he so prodigiously spent his life calculating!  If he had only understood  the reality of the Mayan Sacred calendar, he would have been hailed as a hero because for realizees, something wonderful did happen that day on a deeper metaphysical level.  We all opened our hearts to a little more Divine Presence that day!

And now this is happening again today, October, 22, 2012!  (It also happened Feb. 5, 2012)

Now, 60 days from today is the final end of all Apocalyptic, End- of-the-World, Ascension, Return of the Mothership, Restaurant at the end of the Universe scenarios!!!!!  Thank God!

Finally there will be and end to any belief that the World will end in a fiery cataclysm or World War 3, 4 and 5, or Jesus riding in the clouds on a surf-board, Kali-Yuga change over, Aquarius Age rambling woo-woo. It’s all Done at that point!

…unless you think it is actually Dec. 23, 2012.

My friend Barbara McLeod and a few other Mayan researchers up at the U of TX, ivory towers have got good reasons to believe that the end, 4 Ahau, is actually Dec. 23.  It mainly has to do with eclipse cycles carved in stone at Yaxchilan, the great Maya Temple site along the MX/Guatemala border.  It lies on the banks of the Rio Passion and has some of the finest Mayan art you can ever encounter.  I often talk about the “Two-day” people that the Chilam Balam denounces as bringers of bad-blood, madness and hard times.  I never knew just why or how they decided to shift the calendar by two days but after talking with Barbara McLeod earlier this month, I understand that it is the currently used tzolkin that may have been shifted backwards, or that the council of Mayapan that was held to end the dispute may have found reason to use the shifted count instead of the classic period count.

In any case, when I use the traditional count like I am using today, the feeling of the days works for the metaphor of the tzolkin.  It may be projection of my thoughts onto reality, or the “two-day” people were right.  But then the Shamans at Yaxchilan were also correct in their eclipse calculations but were still using an out-dated tzolkin count for their calculations.  It is hard to see how any of it matters anymore, because we are certainly shifting into a post-New Age consciousness that we allow us to transcend all concepts of “Time” and we will live in the past, present and future simultaneously as well as all dimensional levels of existence.

(update) BTW!  Dec. 12, 2012 is going to be 8 Monkey, the day of initiating new “Daykeepers”.  We are hoping to have a crystal skull ceremony at Enchanted Rock, outside Fredericksburg, TX.

It’s gonna be fun for those of us who choose LOVE as the highest answer!

Peace and Love Y’all,

Carlos Cedillo

PS, A Maya tzolkin “Astrologic chart” reading will still help you get your life in Divine Alignment with the current changes and allow you to rise to your highest potential with these new energies!  Get one today, $100 (o.b.o.)



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