9 Reed Obama and the Declaration of Independence



Is it not interesting that a movie about the killing of Osama Bin Laden comes out tomorrow, Oct.4, 2012, a 9 Reed day!  Not that I believe it myself, I am sure Bin Laden was dead years before his official killing, but it was a stroke of genius on Barak Obama’s part to at least pretend that the Boogie man of the early 21st century is now gone, and that Obama was responsible for making the call that it would be so.

For people still somehow wishing Ron Paul would be President or heaven forbid, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, please peruse the first couple of paragraphs of the document I posted above, clearly stating that there is a Reason for Governments to exist.  IF you think that somehow the government we have has run afoul of the Constitution, then by all means get your people together and start a Revolution!!!!  Otherwise STFU already because Ron Paul is never going to save your ASS because he does not care about it at all, like Mitt R-money, Ron Paul is a self glorifying selfish, racist jerk.  Both of them, and Paul Ryan worship Ayn Rand and her “philosophy” (i.e. Bullshit) about how great it is to be a selfish prick.

Now, I have been really sick lately and purging all kinds of muck out of my own system, both  physically and psychically.  The job isn’t over yet and Monday is going to be a 10 Jaguar day so I may be dealing with more of my own darkness.

In the mean time, VOTE for Barak Obama like your life depended on it, because it just may!

I am thoroughly disgusted to learn just now that Mitt R-money is a 2 Jaguar….pooh…  He and also crazy ice queen, Palin, are really giving us Jaguars a bad name…Maybe I should start living my Cosmic Eagle warrior name instead…  ;-(

Any way, now we know why Mitt flip-flops and contradicts himself every other minute.  It is the energy of the number 2 that he has not come to grips with.  Also since he is over 52 years old, he now has the energy of 10 Wind, so he is a very Dark Spirit blowing filthy hot air manifesting lies and hate speech and general bad feelings wherever he goes.

Stay in the Light people!!!

We have another Om the Dome coming up and I would appreciate more cooperation with Grid work.  If there were more people at parts of Austin where you can see the Dome, meditating and planting crystals and orgone accumulators, the energy would be multiplied and anchored against the returning dark energy that some “dark cabalist” officials will immediately try to bring back.  Let’s keep it all light all the time!

Please leave messages here on the blog! I would love your feedback!  Don’t forget you can buy your loved ones Maya calendar readings.  My interpretation of your birthday energy is like no astrology you have ever encountered.  Know your best days ahead in 2013!

More CE-5 meetings soon!  Keep your eyes on the skies!

Blessings and Peace!



5 thoughts on “9 Reed Obama and the Declaration of Independence

  1. gina

    I wish I could have the confidence you have for Obama. I still don’t know who to vote for. I don’t like Romney nor Obama. I did like RP. I don’t know why you said that about him. I was going to vote for Gary Johnson but “they” says its a vote for Obama. I am tired of two parties and the control they have over the other parties. I don’t like how they keep it to the two and make people believe that is all they have to chose from.
    Why do you think Obama is so great? I dont’ see much greatness in him. I see him as getting people more addicted to government. Soon, those that work will be supporting those that don’t. I am not into redistributing the wealth. Yes the 1% needs to pay their dues, but it will no doubt be up to the middle class. If Obama wins, our taxes will go up and IMO, we pay enough. Then he will reinstate the death tax, which I think is highway robbery. After people pay their dues all their lives, then when they die, they pay them again? I am all for helping those that NEED it, but not those that lay on the gov and don’t help themselves. He needs to get jobs going again but I dont’ see him doing that. What I liked about RP, is his ideas were different than what we have had for years. We need something different. I don’t think he is what you say he is. It is known he is the only congressmen that the lobbyist know to not visit him. To me, that says a lot!! IMO, I would voteout anyone who has already helped ruin our country. We need new blood, not the same thing.

    1. The point is that we are no longer meant to operate only in three dimensions. Once you begin to look past all the materialistic “issues” of government and personalities, then you can begin to see the spiritual energies at work. Obama is a great Light Being, but you cannot possibly see that in 3rd dimensional “reality” – that all is simply what has been called “the Matrix”. That is the world we are meant to be free of now that we have access to 4th, 5th, 6th, etc dimensional Reality.

      Vote with your Heart. Remember that today’s republicans do not use their hearts (i.e. Dick Cheney is still in charge, you know!) The Maya calendar is pointing directly to the Light of Obama to guide us through the last phase of our Ascension process.

      There are still many very drastic changes the world has to make before we are free, new financial systems, new energy sources, new physics (Higgs-Boson) new healing, Open ET contact…etc.etc… We cannot afford to have a “useful idiot” like Romney in there to continue doing the bidding of the Dark Cabal corporatists.

      Obama will not be able to “free” us until we free ourselves, but voting for Romney, or even not voting at all is like asking for our 3-D chains to be put on tighter.

      Please vote for Obama!

  2. nery

    i’m voting for Gary Johnson! it will make a statement against the twins. the perception that they are ‘different’ is the result of a multimillion dollar marketing campaign. i can provide video ~ same answers to same issues EXACT same words. leads me to consider they might be scripted ….

    1. I watched the 3rd party debates on FSTV and found Gary Johnson to be very self-centered and inarticulate. What you need to realize about all Libertarians is that they are purely ideological and not at all reality-based in their ideas. The raison de vivre of Libertarianism is to promote the psychotically selfish philosophy of Ayn Rand. Romney and Ryan and Ron Paul are all Ayn Rand zealots. She was the Anti-Christ if there ever was one, she even went out of her way to say “I am against Jesus and all things spiritual” in almost those exact words.

      My reason for promoting Obama is that he is a Light worker and according to the Maya calendar has the same energy as July 4, 1776, the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. Legend has it that St. Germain of the Violet Flame appeared in Independence Hall while the fore-fathers were debating the Declaration and extoled them to sign it even if they were to be killed for it the next day, sign it for the good of all mankind and humanity.

      But to understand any of this you must let go of 3 dimensional thinking and out-dated belief systems. We have already entered the new cycles of the Maya calendar and we can access higher dimensions with our own will power. Obama will be free to do great things once WE FREE OURSELVES from corporate domination.

      Blessings and Love!

  3. Alex

    Word. Concerning ourselves with “issues” in the illusion is a total waste of time and energy. I forgot this wisdom yesterday, so I didn’t vote. I should have read this sooner, but I’m happy Obama won. I get good energy from him, though when I look at what has been done during his last term I am disappointed. That’s the trap though, because you’re right. We need to stop displacing our responsibility on our President and take the initiative to free ourselves. I am freeing myself AND studying to go to law school right now- in effect, becoming more or less certified in programming and re-programming The Grid of this dimension. Stoked. Thanks, Carlos.

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