6 Owl Peace calm and equilibrium

Hi everyone! Tuesday 11.27.12 is 6 Owl/Vulture on the tzolkin calendar.

I know I have not been active on this blog about the Maya calendar, mostly because I feel incredibly at peace and I do not think I need to explain myself to anyone at the moment!

I am planning to do a Maya New Fire ceremony on Dec. 21 at Unity of Wimberley, TX.  This will be a celebration of the “End-of-the-End-of-the World!”

I hope to see all my bestest friends and loved ones there!

The Peace has descended on us!

Equilibrium and calm rule the New Earth!  Notice that even the Isrealis and Palestinians couldn’t even get their little war started again, too many people on the planet Earth disapprove of war now!

There is Peace in the Valley now!

I know there are still a few folks out there who have not let go of the past and accepted the absolute beauty of everything yet.  With time they will see the absurdity of living any other way.

Personally, I have been clearing and accepting of “things as they are” for so long, I can’t imagine going through more difficult “issues” ever again.  Issues are just so useless.

I guess there are still a few things in life I would love to experience, but perhaps that is all for the year 2013, or 2014….There is no real consensus on what the Mayan “year” will be.  Honestly, we may never reach a firm conclusion to that debate.  The good thing is that the system I learned from Dr. Carl Calleman and the traditional calendar of Don Alejandro Oxlaj have served my life very well.  For some reason only a small handful of people have chosen to go along with the teachings.   I offer and offer and offer my services but there has not ever been a “market” for my services.  That may all change after Dec.21.

I think we have adopted new values after the Presidential election.  Money is not the number one priority in people’s lives after hurricanes and fires and floods take away everything that all your money ever bought you.

I confess I have secret wishes that I want to see come to fruition.  I know there is an audience waiting for my music somewhere on this earth…I am a musical prophet, suffering from the fact that a prophet is never recognized in his hometown….for me that would be Texas.  I’m thinking most of Europe and Japan and northern California, maybe Canada and some of the hipper parts of Mexico and Latin America would understand my musical message.

It has been a struggle, but I know I will overcome.  It is not that I don’t like those people who live near me, there are just not enough of them who understand me to develop a big-time career doing what I love most.

Hell, 80% of people in Comal county, TX voted Republican!  That means that there is only 1-in-5 chance that I could even hold an intelligent political conversation with here, much less how many of those are going to be open to Space-jazz electronic music played by a classically trained guitarist?

Oh yeah, The mothership connection is here to stay even if we haven’t gotten to ride yet….   The weather has not been so great for sitting out under the stars the past few weeks here.

If there is any BIG revelation coming up Dec. 21, I hope it is the de-cloaking of all the Galactic Federation lightships above the earth!  If it doesn’t happen, then maybe after the next tzolkin round begins…

Keep smiling!





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