1 Earth We are all One with our Mother Earth.

Shooter’s mother was preparing for End-of-the-World.

“As you reap, so shall you sow.”

In America there is a prevailing tendency to ignore our responsibility, shift blame, deny accountability, blame everything on chance, and blind ourselves to cause and effect.

The mass shooting in Connecticut last week had plenty of causes and was the outcome of what Hollywood and the Pentagon aspire to for all our children.

No more can Hollywood moguls say that they are innocent, that millions of kids watch violent movies and play violent video games without becoming killers, so they can’t be responsible when one child DOES grow up to be a mass-murderer.

They are responsible and so is the Pentagon who helps private companies develop War video games purposefully designed to draw young boys into the  military by glamorizing death and desensitizing kids to the sight of blood and gore.

Is it not time for all of us to stand up to the amoral bullies of the NRA, military and Hollywood who want all the benefits of the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution but ZERO responsibility for the consequences of their actions?

There has never been any reason to believe that the Maya calendar predicted some kind of Doomsday, but without ever checking the facts and sources Hollywood and the publishing world have churned out hundreds of volumes of materials, TV, video and books, designed to keep people in fear that there would be a kind of  “Reverse Big Bang” causing the collapse of the modern world and leaving survivors in a Mad-Max “fend for yourself and kill your competition” world where we would have to use our most base animal instincts to fight for the few remaining resources.  Adam Lanza’s mother believed these lies and was preparing for the worst, thus creating the very worst scenario imaginable.

It is all very silly to believe this stuff, yet gullible people give up their hard earned dollars to be fed a steady stream of garbage from the big media conglomerates every day and every hour.  (To those who say the answer to gun violence is more guns, I say, look how these weapons have been turned against us now.  The shooter’s mom had been stockpiling these weapons – for her protection!  It didn’t work out so well did it?)

On the positive side, the pure Darkness of what happened Friday will mobilize the hearts of enough people that we can finally begin to make meaningful change.  Start voting with your dollars NOT to see violent films and DO NOT buy your child that violent video game this Christmas.  If the Maya calendar predicted anything, it was that this would be a major turning point for some kind of change, but WE still get to choose what that change will be.

“We are the ones who were here in the past, we are here today and we will be the ones here in the future” to paraphrase the teaching of Don Alejandro Oxlaj, the great and humble Mayan Grand Elder.

Friday Dec. 14, on the Maya tzolkin was 10 Reed.  I have been calling this day “Darth Vader” day for many years.  It was a 10 Reed day, on November 7, 2000 when Bush and Co. designed to steal the election from Al Gore (funny how it was a Sex vs. violence election) and we then proceeded into one of the ugliest eras of war in our history.

Then there was the movie from the Star Wars Saga, “Revenge of the Sith” where Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vader after killing a group of youngling Jedi.  I am NOT claiming that the killer last Friday was influenced in any way by this movie! I am NOT claiming any such kind of knowledge.  I AM saying that the days of the Maya sacred calendar have real meaning and that perhaps in some distant future when this day returns again, there will be enough people with this wisdom and warning from the previous cycles to prevent some similar fate befalling us again in the future.

I am also saying, if you have not had a Maya calendar reading, similar to an Astrology reading, but based on the Maya calendar days, you should get one now!

2013 is upon us, and there will never be a better time than now to get started on the right foot, knowing what energies lie in store for us next year and for all cycles of Time to come, in whatever Dimension!

Also Please join us at Unity of Wimberley, TX Dec. 21st for a Mayan “New Fire” ceremony!

Also, Now hear this! Internet radio interview.

Blessings and Peace in our Hearts,


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