4 Ahau, Now What?

The grand cycle of the Maya calendar that ends today began Aug. 15, 3114 B.C. The Maya say that on that day “First Father raised the World Tree.” This does not mean that the world was created ala Book of Genesis style “Let there be light”. This was just a culmination of the previous 13 Baktuns that began sometime around 8239 B.C. And it established that the next era of humankind would be dominated by the patriarchal lineages more so than the matriarchs. Then an amazing thing happened. Somebody back then had the foresight into the future that the time we are living in today, right now, was going to be a time of momentous change like the Universe had never known. The calendar was reset to zero Baktun instead of being allowed to progress to 14 Baktun.  It was written in stone that the god Bolon Yok’te would descend and do …something, we don’t know because the last glyph of the carving is missing!!!!  (Dr. Calleman says this is the 90-step “time-pyramid which is really a map of consciousness, comes to and end.  That of course already happened Oct. 28, 2011!)

What this means is that the consciousness that we have been living under, the patriarchal “Son of the Sun”, Good old boys network, “it’s a Man’s world” attitude is closing up in favor of a balanced masculine and feminine consciousness.

The calendar according to several new discoveries of Mayan carvings and murals, is now progressing to 14 Baktun and will continue until the 20 Baktun cycle is finished before adding another Piktun.

It was a 4 Ahau day on Nov.2, 2010. That was the midterm election when the Conservative “Tea Party” gained control of the House of Representatives and they vowed to oppose Barak Obama at every turn. They have done just that. Nice going fellas! Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out of the next Congressional cycle!

This crowd of gun toting, “a woman’s place is in the kitchen”, “my way or the highway” dogmatists were the last gasp of the Patriarchal dominance crowd that is no longer useful to humankind. Once again today, that old fart energy made a plea for its existence through the NRA saying “if you only had MORE guns everything would be alright!” They pleaded that if only the culture would change, stop making violent video games, violent movies and news reports, and music videos glorifying guns, then we would be alright. They said if we locked up the crazy people and cracked down on street gangs we would be ok. This is terrible logic and nothing at all new from them.

If a child sees his daddy or mommy playing with guns, then they will want to play video games with guns and play with daddy or mommy’s guns! If a child grows up in a violent neighborhood where you need a gun to protect yourself from other gangs, then you will want to listen to music that sings about guns! DUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of the guns if you want gun-culture to go away! Hollywood is fed ideas from the Pentagon and vice-versa. Cut the military budget when we go over the fiscal cliff and don’t ever let it come back!

It was also a 4 Ahau day on July 20, 1969, the day Apollo 11 landed on the moon and we heard those famous words, “My God it looks like a junkyard up here!”, no…hehe, just kidding “One small step for a man, one Giant leap for mankind”…again with the macho masculine thing, but hey we were really reaching new heights then!

Perhaps we will reach a new height today. Maybe our hearts will balance with our heads and the Divine Feminine will truly be one with the Divine Masculine.  We can raise a new flag, plant a new tree of Peace and abundance for all!

This last presidential election took place on an 11 Eagle day. That was the same as Jan. 1, 2010 (Two days after Obama’s 9 Reed birthday, same as July 4,1776). If you did not have a difficult year in 2010 count yourself as very blessed. 2010 was a year of changing values. Money was not able to prevent the biggest disasters of that year on a personal or global level. So it will be this four year election cycle. Money simply cannot be held as the highest value. There are problems too big to just throw money at to make them go away!

Corporations are not people, and when they screw up, the people have the right to remove their charters and banish their operation. Screw the “job-creators” if their jobs pay minimum wage to destroy our precious environment and kill the most fragile of Earth’s inhabitants. Corruption and fascism have become modus operandi and “just the way it is” for too long and the time is up and we are all too aware of the blatant and callous behavior of the white collar criminals in banks and corporations and governments. Such corruption is unacceptable and must change along with the violence that it promotes.

The positive side is that we can create our new world, and do so many new things just with the power of our feelings, thoughts and intentions. Instant manifestation is the order of the day! Tomorrow is 5 Imix, a day to plant your future manifestations of LOVE!

It is a new dawn, wake up and let’s have some fun!

Oh yes, there is the issue of the “Two-day” people who were a group called the Xiu who moved into the Yucatan from another part of Mexico who for some reason shifted the count of the Sacred tzolkin calendar by two days.  There is evidence at Yaxchilan where eclipse tables show correlation of the calendar with  Dec. 23 as 4 Ahau, not Dec. 21 where we are today. (Thanks to UT professor of archeology, Barbara McCleod for sharing this amazing insight with me!)

If you are in Central TX, join my ceremony in Wimberley, TX!  https://www.facebook.com/events/437615116305909/

Blessings and Love!  See ya on the other side!

Carlos Cedillo, aka, “Cosmicjaguar”

Maya astrological readings for your new Baktun! Email cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com



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