(3) Austin Ableton UG Live 9 Preview Launch Party

(3) Austin Ableton UG Live 9 Preview Launch Party.

Cool beans!  Today is 3 Serpent, this Ableton Live party is on 4 Serpent!

It is freaking cold here in Texas today….

3 Serpent is the Solar Plexus Chakra, so watch how you connect with others today.  Also try to stay moving, it helps alleviate the cold shivers!

Poetry is great for Serpent days, yoga and acupuncture are helpful.  Try to drink a nice relaxing chamomile tea if you are feeling nervous.

Chicchan or Kan is a daysign of the East, so Reed, Water, Earthquakes, and Crocodiles will all feel right at home today.  Signs from the west will feel good energies as well.  North and south signs will have varying degrees of agitation or challenges.

Yesterday, Jan.14, 2013, was 2 Lizard and it was a great time to “Cut Loose” from entanglements!

Do you have any questions about the Mayan calendar and need to separate fact from fiction?  Let me help you with a true Mayan calendar “Astrology” reading or Mayan “Mixing” Divination!

Email Cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com for more info!

Thanks and Blessings,

Carlos Cedillo

This peice was composed last night with help from Laura, my lovely assistant playing the iPad!

[Please note that the word “Kan” is used in the Yucatec Mayan dialect for Lizard, while in the Quiche’ dialect of Guatemala, “Kan” is used for “Serpent” which is “Chicchan” in Yucatec]


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