5 quej/manik common passion

My passion has always been the guitar. I practice several hours a day lately and have found great new songs on the internet. I teach guitar mostly on Saturdays at Sam Ash, until my schedule gets fuller I have to stick with that!

Sure, I became a Shaman, not from any tribe but where my spirit and the spirits of my ancestors led me. This pathway is open to anyone and everything on Earth. If anyone has a good place for a Fire ceremony, let me know.

Tonight feels like a good night to practice our CE-5 work…but it’s still cold out here in TX.

Last night was 4 Death, and I saw a side of a friend I hadn’t been let on to before. We had a common thread of rebellious spirituality and we pierced through the fourth dimension and the 5th and 6th at least.

Earlier today, Elizabeth Araujo was on the Common Passion web conference! I listened to the recording….very worth checking out!

Tomorrow will be a healing Venus day! I did a fire ceremony at Awesome Hollow a while back on a 6 Qanil day…

Love and light for now….



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