9 Batz fire the rockets

Inaugurate yourself.

You have been given the launch codes embedded in the magnetometer music.

Remember 11 Monkey in july 25, 2012…. How about 12-12-12 which was 8 Monkey. That was a crazy one. Today we got stuck in traffic, on 12-12-12 we got assaulted with ketchup in traffic!

The next phase of contact will oficially begin April 11, 2013, that is the next 11 monkey day.

So what has happened since Dec. 21, 2012 is that we have been incubating. Naturally this happens every year, but this time our collective intention is full throttle. At our ceremony at Unity of Wimberley, Tx, we planted a new metaphorical tree as First Father had done aug. 14, 3114 B.C. Only this time, it was First Father and First Mother planting the tree together.

Everything is connected, we all are all one and equal.

We must act now. It is a Time of Light now.




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