Scorching Truth Reflection

So far just over one million people have viewed “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth“….watch it and you can help increase that number! 6 Imix is coming up again in just three days.
This Thursday may see some new revelations about 9/11 that the US needs to begin it’s healing process.

Today I have been sleepy and out of energy all day as my body adjusts to some emotional healing received last night in Blanco, Tx.

Yesterday was 2 Earthquake. It was a day of too much thinking! Two can represent a divided energy or the energy of a pair. Perhaps some out worn thought patterns had to be sheared from our mental operating systems. Today, 3 Flint, I feel those patterns are in the upgrading process.

We live in a Time of Sprouting wings and Flying. Since experiencing a powerful healing of my etheric wings a few years ago, the metaphor has popped up a few times. Never like it has been the past few days…since 13 Eagle especially! My own etheric wings have been appearing in my aura.

Get your own wings in shape for Ascent sometime between April 1st-11th, 2013. This will be the beginning of a new Tzolkin cycle 1 Imix to 11 Batz when the flying monkeys will dance for us in their sky crafts.

Get ready for tomorrow’s 4 Rainstorm energy, it could be a wild ride! “A good day to set the table for an all night drunk!”


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