5 Ahau

Spoiler Alert…you could be spoiled today, enjoy!

It has been 40 days since the end of Time!  Now New Time is here and everyone I know seems to be loving it!

I have a new job teaching kids and adults guitar!  That has taken lots of pressure off my life.  I don’t know why not very many people have been asking for private readings of the Maya calendar or Divination from me.  I hope to remedy this with a Social Media Blitzkreig.

There is so much to know about your life in the New Baktun.  Baktun is also the word for “Stone”, it means that at these important points of time, we should honor the Creator with a Stone monument detailing what is happening in the world for ourselves personally and for the community of Earth as well as the Universe as a whole.

Last night was a social night for small groups.  Imagine you were sitting at a table with at least three or more of your favorite people.  It was a time of setting the table for an all night drunk…not a sad drunk, but a happy laughing drunk with friends.

Tomorrow, 6 Imix, there will be news about 9/11/2001…everyday is one day closer to the Revelation of who really was behind the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.  There truly is no reason for us to have to lie to ourselves or to allow the governments – overt or secret – to keep people in ignorance, blind to their own obedience training.  “Connect the Dots”, as in Acupuncture points, bits of information.

6 represents transformations such as death or marriage or healing.  Imix is the Crocodile, the Hypnotist.  In this case we need to be healed from the damage done by evil hypnotists, i.e. the propaganda from the US media and government who want us to be blindly led sheeple. Blindly led into very destructive wars…but “we” the sheeple of the US do not know what it is to have all those bombs and poisons dropped on us…even though we are direct victims of chemtrails.

Life is getting better, btw! The dust will settle and the new wings we grew will be flying far and wide soon!

The biggest hurdle for the US is true Justice not a two-tiered system rigged for the super-wealthy and against everybody else.  When all are treated equal under the law, you will see some of the most oppressive laws done away with very fast!

I will be holding a Mayan Fire ceremony March 31, a Sunday, and it will be 13 Ahau!  520 days since the Waitaha Grandmother’s ceremony at San Marcos’ Springs 10.28.11!  Location TBA!!!

Stay Tuned Y’all – (he he, get it, TUNed!)

Love and Light!

Carlos Cedillo


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