4 Road – Crossroad sinks Pope

Pope Benedict, the Nazi youth, Luftwaffe Pope, has announced today that he will resign February 28, 2013 (8Water).
(His Maya tzolkin birthday was 12 Lizard)
He was made Pope on April 19, 2005 (9 Earthquake), the 10 year anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, April 19 1995 (9 Lizard)!
(The Waco Branch Davidian siege ended in a firestorm April 19, 1993)
Just as a side note….Hitler was 7 Ahau (April 20, 1889) and that day – 7 Ahau – happens again April 20, 1013!!! Remember this is a 260 day cycle we are discussing!

At least the evil is disappearing!



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