3 Earthquake – Nawal Noj, White candles


Today I received a gift of crystals from Arkansas!  Perfect for Earthquake energy!

Activate your imagination and balance it with your mind, and you can command the “Great Illusion”!

It has been 10 years since the 2nd Iraq war began.  March 19, 2003 was 1 Eagle.  1 Eagle happened again two days ago, March 6, 2013,  yesterday was 2 Owl today is 3 Earthquake and tomorrow is 4 Flint.

The Mayan Elders called for 4 days of meditation, preferably in the mountains, exactly one tzolkin round after the war began.  Each of these days held a special significance on how we can create a new world of Peace and Spirituality and Love.  This week we have completed 14 tzolkin rounds since March 2003.

It began Dec. 4, 2003, Nawal Tzikin (1 Eagle) when they opened up the Sac Be – the white road to Xibalba.

Dec. 5, 2003 was 2 Owl, Nawal Ajmac, meditate on sin and forgiveness.

Dec. 6, 2003 was Nawal Toj, 3 Earthquake. Commands “Great Illusion”, balance between mind and imagination. Light White Candles today! Meditate for peace!

Dec. 7 2003 (note relation to Dec. 7, 1941) Nawal Tijax, 4 Flint, opens dimensions!  Watch for dimensional portals to bring in new creations, dreams, visions, reflections of our souls, etc…..

Please share this information this is not anything you will learn in school or major media outlets.

Blessings and Love,

Carlos Cedillo

Your Mayan horoscope will align you with your highest Self, don’t wait another day! email me for more info, Cosmicjaguar@yahoo.comcosmicunion



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