6 Death, beauty and transformation

Death is a part of life.  I just was told a great relative of mine has passed on.  He had been sick for about a month already.

Health and beauty are part of transforming ourselves to live longer on this 3D realm, but the other-planes of existence are right next to us all the time.

Today we get closer to the other side.  Sometimes that beauty leads us astray from our path and into danger.  Death doesn’t consider you any more important than anyone else, so don’t be too flattered if you get a wink from somebody beautiful today, you could just get taken for a ride…in a hearse!

Six days ago was April 1, 2013 and a new tzolkin was started.  I have been setting up new manifestations I want to see happen and setting up new technologies that have found their way into my home.

I hope the new energies have served you well, if not just make it a point to see life more positively this 260 day period!

All the best,



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