13 Serpent, Istanbul was Constantinople now it’s Istanbul…

If you didn’t know, I said many times how GWB and OBL are both 13 Serpent energy on the Maya tzolkin…now look this week at what has been going on in Turkey! The PEOPLE are not going to take it anymore, no more petty dictators not listening to their will.

..and of course, there is a complete, total media blackout in the USA about all this, the only exception was Democracy Now! but they are small potatoes compared to MSNBCNNFOXABCBS. And, YES the CIA is in ALL the US newsrooms controlling what we see and hear on the “news”.

They even tried to shut down Russian Times news for showing both the Bradley Manning trials and the Turkey Protests the same day.


Where do you think Turkey got all those water cannons and tear gas containers????

The world desperately needs to get rid of the money system that looks only at the bottom line and completely disregards LIFE, you know things like the air we breath, clean water and food for you know…PEOPLE. oh, that’s why they made the SCOTUS try to tell us that corporations are People. They can give generously now to “People”.

The game is up folks (real folks), there is no returning to Norman Rockwell’s whitewashed fantasy.

We need to find new ways to live, like the permaculture movement – although, I must say some of them can be petty dictatorships also.

What I advocate is that we all BE the most true and real expression of what our Creator intended for us to be, and that does not include working at a 9-5 job for a corporation….unless, heck, you own the corporation and it actually benefits all humanity.

If it’s your passion to flip burgers the rest of your life then go for it, but if you believe more about yourself and want to know what your highest calling is, then you need a Mayan calendar Reading from me.

This is reality coming to remind us that it is time to wake up while we still have a world with the potential to be FREE Sovereign humans instead of disposable corporate pawns.

I have three awesome events coming up in June, check it out!

Sharing the wisdom of Cosmic Jaguar June 9 (5 Dog)

CE-5 with special guest Jamie Fenix Foster! June 10 (6Monkey – this was the same tzolkin day when the UFO was filmed over the Dome of the Rock in Israel!!!)

After the hype, why we need the Mayan calendar more than ever. June 21 Summer Solstice – exactly 6 months after  Dec. 21, 2012 come find out what is new in the Universe!

All the best!

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p.s.p.s. https://www.movetoamend.org/kiobel-v-shell-oil-corporation-supreme-court-gives-corporations-free-pass (Like I was saying)
Venus over South Padre_2


3 thoughts on “13 Serpent, Istanbul was Constantinople now it’s Istanbul…

  1. some will never get to the under standing other’s are waking up and these are the one ‘s we shoiud reach, they are out there looking for answer’s,but no vinune to express

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