1 Kawok Chac – 13 Batz

New Trecena, new energies!  Chac was the Maya god of Rain and War.  Today is pretty much his day.  I’d rather have rain than war!

What I think is happening in the world is that the scales have fallen off our eyes and we see the truth.  We used to have religious figures as the Divine voice of “God” to keep us

away from what we should be, the way our True Divine “Source” energy has created us.

Now we have “Big Government” watching over us…this was not a surprise, because a majority of US citizens consciously voted for it  13 tuns ago.

We’ve been collectively denying ourselves our True Birthright as Sovereign Beings of Light.

Being of the Light is a choice that sets us free.  Even from our own ego.  That part of us that is 3 dimensional and concerns itself with survival and is driven by base animalistic unconscious tendencies.  Opening to higher dimensions in your heart is to Ascend and bring Heaven to Earth.

Today we are one collective of humanity, we can choose to nourish instead of demolish.  This is no longer a Bilderburger/Trilateral commission secret.  The powers who interchanged themselves for “God” of earlier baktunes.

Today the State, of whatever country, of every political persuasion, they are humans trying to Lord themselves over other humans.  Only now, it is Revelation Time.  Not unlike any shop owner checks his inventory every year,

so Mother Earth and Father Sky come together to see how their children are doing.

The energy is still a little heavy, and what indicators ever arise to say it will cool down?!?!

The 13 day period ends 13 Batz/Monkey/Thread, so Time will be flipping around all over the Universe!  Better unbuckle yourself and just learn to swing on the Vines (Threads) as they whiz by!!!!!!

Get yourself some new Threads soon!  Strings…

DSC_8259Tomorrow is 2 Ahau.  If you’ve been feeling apart from your true self or twin flame,

consider it good alone time to strengthen your resolve to stay calm and carry on….the next 20 day cycle starts Thursday, 3 Imix, and end with 8 Ahau.

8 Ahau is one of those Greatly Auspicious times!

Come see me at TOCI June 21, 2013 – 4 Wind day! Austin TX,  I have vital info to share with you!


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