2 Suns

Hi    WATCH THIS  http://youtu.be/b2W7LLeA4ek

If you are feeling a little separation anxiety, that’s ok, you are surely on the right track.  The past 20 days have been a test of our resolve to be ourselves at our highest potential even though on a material level it appears that the proverbial glass is half-empty.

Tomorrow our manifestations should start getting more active, 3 Imix is the day of the hypnotist in action.

The whole NSA spying thing is very confusing and eerie and we shouldn’t expect the full truth of the situation to come from the very government who is doing this stuff.   They “create their own reality” as overlords of the ignorant masses.  We create our reality as actual reality without egoic filters and what are otherwise known as LIES.

The best way to counter all their operations is to get off the grid completely and start using our full capabilities and Beings of Light and work primarily in the etheric realms.  Then there would be no signal for the NSA to intercept.

Light travels faster than what Einstein told us.  Consciousness is in fact instantaneous because there is no “other” to receive the messages, we are ONE.

There is a strong light coming in the next 20 day cycle, so hang in there another day!

This event Friday won’t be the same without YOU! https://www.facebook.com/events/631559830190848/




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