Step 4 – How to Heal Yourself and Others – How to Sweep and Remove Diseased Energy

Healing and Love

SweepingOnce you can scan and locate the inner aura (which was discussed in the last step of this series), the next thing that you will be doing is finding the diseased energy and removing it by scanning, feeling, sweeping, and discarding.

We all have diseased energy that needs to be removed.  You do this by scanning the aura, chakras and organs of the physical body.  In the last post, you felt the aura and you located and felt the chakras of the etheric body.

Now, you will need to do a general sweep of the etheric body and chakras and organs.  So imagine the person lying down on a healing table that you have.  It could be a couch if you do not have a healing table.

It would be best if an actual person was there with you lying down.  Find their inner aura with your left hand by…

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