Mary Magdalene – Twin Flame Significance « giselle koy (3Jaguar)

Mary Magdalene – Twin Flame Significance « giselle koy.

A great message for 3 Jaguar day!

Women of the world better get more proactive in defending their rights to their own bodies.  It really is not the body the Church is after but control of our souls, men and women alike.  It is not just in Texas that women’s right to an abortion is being trampled, but in many other states also.

It truly is a last ditch effort by the fading Patriarchal mentality to impose its dominance upon the world.  Look at Egypt, one of the cradles of modern history.  They are not going to have another Pharaoh pushing them around.

That Revolution will be won, I don’t know how, but I can see where the energies are flowing.

I think the Republicans in Texas have finally messed with the wrong hornets’ nest and will pay a steep price even before the next election cycle.

Any relationship where one person has to feel dominant over the other is a dysfunctional relationship, and like Giselle’s blog describes, we cannot live with a government or church that wants to control our conscience.

We cannot live in a relationship with another person like that and we usually break off the relationship after we grow our own spine, and we must break up with our governmental bodies if they treat us as subservient vassals.  We just need to finally grow our collective backbone and stand up NOW!

All the Best!

Carlos Cedillo



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