5 Ajmac, Owl too much of a good thing?

Hi Lovees!

It has been another intense week in world historical events. The world’s largest protest in Egypt ousted a democratically elected mullah of the Muslim brotherhood, protests in Brazil and Turkey have so far been successful in forcing their governments to make concessions to their people…it is sad that the leaders were so against the People’s will in the first place! The people in Bulgaria forced their government to completely step down…and that was not in the news at all!

In Texas and other US states extremely harsh anti-abortiion laws are being shoved down the throats of American women…these affect men too, I believe. It is all an attempt to lasso our souls into fundamentalist dogma in the most undemocratic of proceedings. In other words, the same fanaticism that affected leaders in Egypt, Turkey et.al…is rearing its very ugly head here in the country with the strongest military and police force in the world.

There once was a saying that went, “I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it!” That sentiment disappeared after 9-11-2001 and I believe that was intentional. Now more people than ever are being arrested simply for talking or trying to take a stand for anything.

If you desire security, then it follows that you have to augment the fear levels to justify the expense. I also means that anyone who preaches peace love and toleration are your “enemy” because we are against your fear-based view of reality.

Te good news is that an overwhelming number of American citizens are waking up to what is going on and will refuse to live under a dictatorship, even if it a a democratically elected dictatorship of religious zealots. The irony of electing a zealot to a democratic office was very apparent to the Egyptians and they got together and dealt with it.

In Brazil it was too apparent that corruption was funneling billions to soccer stadiums and ignoring the plight of the poor and the needs of students who are the country’s future. So even rival soccer teams joined forces to denounce the wasting of money on the World cup and Olympic stadiums! That is truly amazing considering how seriously they take soccer down there! Even the UFOs took notice an flew over the protesting crowds in solidarity!

I fear that for America the rough ride is still to come. The fear mongers did too good a job and the corporations have way too much to loose if the masses realized they have been duped by this “war-on-terra” BS!

Those who have been telling themselves that since they’ve done nothing wrong, then they have nothing to fear, will be in shock when the NSA and FBI enact their dubious plot to openly pronouce them all slaves to the Beast of Revelations. They have been listening to the frogs sent to tell the lies of the Beast – that is the news media CNNBSCBSFOXABC conglomerate who are illegally taking their cues directly from the CIA. I saw someone mention that to Anderson Cooper on CNN and laughed as Anderson choked and turned red trying to hide that fact that he himself is that CIA agent in CNN’s newsroom! FROGS sent out to tell lies = Media Talking heads, they have no soul or intellect of their own and only say what the government tells them to say, just like frogs in a science class.

I hope this isn’t too much information and that it inspires some of my readers to inspired action.

Personally my family has suffered the traumatic loss of our little Maltese dog, Josie. She had a blood disease, probably leukemia, and had not eaten for several days. We had to put her to sleep on 3Jaguar day, July 3rd, so it was a sad 4th of July, 4 Eagle.

I did get out to play frisbee golf with my friends from sweatlodge. There were four of us out there throwing flying disks..a great expression of the days energy!


Tomorrow is healing time for the Earth, and for your mind….relax and let spirit guide you instead of trying to force your own agenda! Get a Maya astrology reading! Check out the new http://www.cosmicjaguar.com

Blessings and Peace,

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