12 Ajmac Owl, 13 Noj Earthquake

Manolo Lara, “Manny”, was our guide through Tikal and Uaxactun today, 12 Owl. This really feels like home this time in Guatemala. Belize felt nice too, and is a more attractive option for retirement or hiding away!

Uaxactun was filled with ancestral spirits. Deep history exists there. It had a cave of wind but it had been stopped up. Such a shame that our egos ruin things that nature had gifted to everyone. Still, the temples were certainly bristling with Ancestor spirits and a Toucan greeted our little ceremonial offering. He sang from the moment I it the fire until it was about to go out and we had wandered to the next plaza.

Manolo was a cool old man from Flores/St. Elena who had been camping in Tikal to get gigs as a tour guide through the Temples. He had lots of wisdom and real knowledge of the Maya and their cities. We ended up spending lots of time with him at the Jaguar Inn and in Flores.

Craig and Mikaela were having father/daughter bonding time through out the journey. Craig officially took on his role as shaman, even if the full realization of what that entails has yet to dawn him.

Humility and conscientiousness have been learned today by all of us. I was humbled by the power and awesomeness of the Ancestors at Uaxactun. How blessed can I be to stand where such greatness passed through holding massive ceremonies cement their lives into eternity knowing that humans like myself and Craig and Manolo would one day be there to carry on the spiritual flame.

I am blissfully unaware what is going on in the world even at home. This has got to be the place for me to be long term, Manolo told us he wished to die at Tikal or near one of the other Maya cities. I hope to be at his funeral! As it often happens, when Craig look up Manolo’s Tzolkin birthday we found that it is coming up tomorrow, 13 Noj/Earthquake! He was very much a Cosmic Thinker.

We dined on Royal Rat this afternoon at Uaxactun. We also got to see and touch the most astounding ancient pottery collection I have ever seen….worthy of the Louvre or Smithsonian museums! There were depictions of bloodletting rituals and complex glyphs, super ancient chocolate vases and a great collection of flints, jade ear loops and some skulls and intricately engraved seashells.

I have always known about the relationship between Teotihuacan and the Maya, and all the intrigue between the city-states. It was shocking to be standing at the place were the Rulers of Teotihuacan first arrived around 378 A.D to announce that they liked the Maya lands very much and that thank you very much, we will be taking you all over now. That lasted until 850 A.D. or so.

There is similar history in the Northern Itza region that I’ve been reading about in the Chilam Balam but it was the “Xiu” people who moved into that area and seemed to integrate on a friendly basis except for the “two-day” problem I have discussed in other blog posts.

The most interesting part of the trip so far has been the Chan Chen cave that went down nine levels to a ceremonial circle with an ancient stone stela and censer for copal. There was a neat shadow of Ix Chel on the cave wall when you held a light just right next to the curve of the natural stone wall.

Sunset at Flores, Guatemala. Lake Peten.


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