1Tijax, 2Kawok, 3Ajpu

13 Earthquake we left Flores early and visited Xunantunich, a Mayan city that had been largely abandoned after a major earthquake some time in the 9th or tenth century. It lacked the strong presence of the Ancestor spirits I had felt in Tikal and especially in Uaxactun. I was not allowed to burn incense at Xunantunich and there were many tourists, including a group of Baptist missionaries from Dallas, Tx.   Xunantunich did have nice plaster masks and glyphs on two sides, but I wondered how authentically rebuilt some of the structure was.

1 Tijax we made the incredible journey to Lamanai on a speed boat on the New River that meandered through Belizian jungle. This was another brilliant experience of this trip. We fed a “wild” monkey some bananas, saw miniature tree bats, iguanas, delightful colorful birds including a baby heron in it’s nest and eggs of a yellow-billed bird I can’t remember the name of….other tourist joined our boat ride Canadians, Americans, and one Italian gentleman named Dino.

Lamanai itself was very impressive. The masks on one tomb/temple represented the king and his queen who was buried in a little pyramid in front of the masks. The word “Lamanai” means submerged crocodile. “Imix”, or crocodile, can represent the trunk of a tree from which all the branches, leaves and seeds are derived. A stash of over a thousand flint pieces had been discovered by archeologists there, so it was quite appropriate for us to arrive on 1 Flint day!

We made our way through the ball court where a few milligrams of mercury had been found with cinnabar and other offerings under the center ball court marker. Then we saw the Palace and the
really awesome Jaguar Temple pyramid. It had two jaguar faces made from stone at its base. In one of the temple rooms a very large piece of jade hade been discovered.

We did not make it back to the hotel “Lamanai Riverside Resort” in time to catch the water taxi to San Pedro so we stayed one more relaxing night by the New River. This was perfectly ok with me because I struck up a nice rapport with a wonderful Belizian bartender named Angie, also Craig and I dined on awesome fresh lobster tails.

Now it is 2 Rainstorm. We got up pretty early to get the Jeep returned and caught the water taxi to Ambergris Caye and after checking several hotels, ended up at the Mayan Princess…a suitable name for Craig’s daughter, Mikaela, who had been Jonesing for the beach since we left Uaxactun.

There is a major shift happening today because it has been four out of five divisions – 52 day periods – of the Tzolkin since January 1, 2013. That may sound complex, so I will elaborate some more.

January 1, 2013 was 2 Monkey
February 22, was 2 Akbal
April 15, was 2 Eagle (Boston Marathon bombing false flag)
June 6 was 2 Deer (NSA papers leaked by Edward Snowden)
July 28 is (was) …well, lucky for me I have not been privy to the news for a whole week other than the US beat Panama in the World Cup soccer match.

There is a magnificent alignment in the sky tomorrow of a Merkaba configuration. It is 3 Ajpu (I’m going to start using this spelling instead of Ahau, which is the Yucatec spelling).

Anette Carlstrom is a good representative of 3 Ajpu energy. So to me this configuration on an Ajpu day should bring great healing. I just discovered a passage in the Chilam Balam about 3 AJpu being a time when governors of townships were arrested en masse for crimes and general incompetence. So we will see if tomorrow brings news of tyrannical rulers being deposed!

Much love Y’all!

Carlos Cedillo

Morning rainbow, Ix Chel blessing, in San Pedro, Belize.


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