Today begins the second half of the tzolkin. 1Thread

Hun Batz One Monkey

Today we lost a dear friend, Stephanie Bledsoe, from San Marcos, TX.  She was 6 Wind, the Goddess of healing and inspiring, the essence of the Venus Transit June 8, 2004.

This time of 13 Dog, 1 Monkey is always where we get a big picture view of life all around us.

I have a beautiful Classical guitar I play, otherwise who would play it and unleash its beauty?

I am tuning up and practicing my sitar today, because that is a One Monkey/Thread thing to do!

I have a glorious home that I invite folks to and nobody shows up….not to blame you but just to say, it’s here, I’m here…let’s make it happen!

All we need is each other and love is the pure source essence that the Gods themselves cannot peer into.

It can only be felt in your own purest essence without “Belief”  or those dogmas you swim in unquestioning like deep-sea creatures that know only water not earth and the air or the Sun.

I went ahead with my ceremony last night only to hold space for those who wished to be here.  I did not know that a beautiful angel was preparing her flight home.

The next 13th day meeting will be 13 Akbal/Night, Aug 21st, 2013.

Please put it on your schedule now and tentatively it will be here at my home again.

Blessings and Love


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