2 road E 3 reed Aj 4 jaguar Ix

Certainly a new road has been taken today! We have flown over those obstacles that plagued us like a row of buses or slipping through police car blockades like a Samurai!

It is a shame I had to leave tonight’s party at the Whitehouse so early! I felt a bit like Cinderella getting back to my carriage….whatever.

I met some of my closest Austin buddies and San Martians too! I hadn’t thought of going to Mathgic at the Whitehouse tonight except that I met Courtney at the Tantra and shared with me that she was looking for a ride there. I ended up going by myself….

Wesley, Moses and myself discussed the dichotomy between Manifestation for Oneself vs. Manifesting for the greater good of life that is all around you. The latter seems favorable, yet most of us get trapped in material delusions inherent in trying to achieve personal mastery only for your own ends. When we do choose the High Road, abundance comes forth naturally, AS IF by “God” which really is simply the natural inclination of the Universal Source energy….

You get the picture.

It was most wonderful meeting a FB friend named Erin we had an enchanting conversation. I noticed her as I first walked in and could not forget her wide inquisitive brown eyes! Erin had been there at the Whitehouse two year ago when Wesley held an early Creation Flame meeting after Theron finished giving tours of the nearby permaculture gardens. I remember lighting and thunder as Wesley spoke some really heavy spiritual shit! It was a powerful night, I will find the exact date we did that and post it later!

My folks are home from Houston where my mom went through some tests on her lungs…we find out Wednesday what the diagnosis is!

It is still unbelievable that our good friend Stephanie Bledsoe passed away yesterday, 1 Batz.

At Tantra last night, Roger Sellers played some great acoustic songs with a full band, really impressive stuff! Everyone was crying for Stephanie. It was a truly heart opening experience!

Something really big has shifted in our hearts and consciousness.

Just breath it in!




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