Jaguar Crossing 4 Ix


SAMSUNG SGH-i917_002440 SAMSUNG SGH-i917_002418 - Version 2DSCF0127 - Version 2


It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!

I have been practicing Bach’s Fugue BWV 1001 and it’s driving me mad!  Kind of like today’s Jaguar energy, lines are crossing, meandering aimlessly until another line comes in and crosses the previous melody.  It’s nice if you are Mother Nature and growing all these vines in the sleepy jungle, but our modern world is far less forgiving.

I can’t seem to picture how I will ever “Earn a Living” when all I teach speak about and believe in is that we are given life for free?  In the real jungle it’s safer, but there is far too much work to be done to ever indulge in something as impractical as Classical Guitar!  Poetry, yes, but classical guitar is useless in the real jungle.

My heart yearns more than anything to be on a stage in front of a hundred or more people every night, but it ain’t happenin’ here.

I will be on the road in October for Maya Fire ceremonies and playing some music at 3DL gathering in Asheville, NC…but until then it’s all Summer Heat I have to deal with.


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