Calendar Round Death 10 Ajpu

Katun 10 Ahau



The third:
Katun 10 Ahau.
Chable seats the katun
[Calendar Round Death] comes to their towns,
To four shattered caverns.
Ladders are set up
Over the prophet lords of the lands.
The hoof will burn.
The edge of the sand will burn.
The bird god will burn.
The rock reservoirs will shatter.
Calendar Round Death is the burden of the katun,
The Word of Our Lord God Father
And of the Heavenly Mistress.
[This is] the insightfulness of the katun.
No one will sever the Word of Our Father God,
God the Son,
The Father of Heaven and Earth, truly.

But it will not pass down the throat
Of the multitudes of the town,
The liars.
A Christian saint will come
To strike the Two-day [rule].
The broken-languaged transform themselves
From their evil ways.
No one will cause it to cease.
This is Calendar Round Death
Fulfilling its word
Over the Maya sun priests, truly.
The Word of God.

Chilam Balam
Book of Chumayel

The Council Book of the Yucatec Maya 1539-1638

Trans. Richard N. Luxton
Aegean Park Press

What I gather from above is that sometimes the jaws of Life open like a portal to claim one of the best and brightest from our communities as a way of energizing and transforming the masses to higher spirituality and creativity than they would have experienced without the Noblest of sacrifices.

Like the Mayan Ball game that often sacrifices the winner because that is what the “gods” demand, only the best make the grade for Early Ascension!

So much new Solar Technologies exist, we can only lie to ourselves to say it is not the time to change to a 100% renewable energy infrastructure.

Germany has asked to see its own gold in Federal Reserve and was denied access by the Feds! This will not sit well with other global gold certificate holders. The bell cannot be un-rung.

The Light of confidence shines through the souls of the People of the World. Those with Integrity are not backing down despite the ever more bat-shit crazy antics of the One-World government dark lords.

Cosmic Night Full Moon is Aug 21 at my place in New Braunfels!
Aug 25 is 4 Deer, some crazy astrological alignment happening….notice these are all West/Blue days we are talking about!
Then Aug 29 is Maya Daykeeper initiation – 8 Batz/Monkey, wear your Cosmic Threads!

Aloha to the Spirit of Stephanie Bledsoe as her soul swims down then San Marcos river into eternity of pure love and joy.

Carlos Cedillo



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