7 Dog, 8 Monkey Initiation time

Last night I dreamt something really strange, I was with my brother and my dad, we had a little cart I had to pedal around in and we were loading some things from an abandoned room (in an apartment?), including some records and some tools (oddly I did not take the Led Zeppelin or some other cool albums..).  My brother stayed in the room when my dad and I were ready to go, some other people were coming towards the door, so my dad went back in the room to get him but neither one came out again.  I took off in the little cart and went about a block away and waited.  I met some other folks, and we went into another house.  One girl was going to go in the bathroom but we stopped her and said maybe she would not come back,  she said it’s ok and opened the door from the other side and went in.  I saw a post-it note on another door with my brother’s and father’s birthdays.  It indicated to me that they would not be coming back through the same doors, but I noticed they had my dad’s birthday wrong (it said ’57 instead of ’43).  Apparently the “doors” were portals that once entered you could never return again.  The girl who went to the bathroom opened the door by the side opposite the doorknob, so it was ok for her to come out again.

It wasn’t a very good feeling dream, it was a little scary.

Today is the end of a cycle of Shamanic initiation that began Dec. 12, 2012.  Interestingly, My brother’s birthday is Dec. 11 and my Dad’s is Dec. 17. , so perhaps the dream was about their shamanic initiations???  Today it has been 260 days since my brother’s (Gregorian) birthday.



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