13 Water-1 Dog

Today begins another 13 day cycle, 1 dog to 13 Wind.

Be good to your partners today!  No biting or loud barking!  We are at yet another beginning point when we arrive at 13 Wind  – the day that would have been the first day had there been a sun!  (Sept. 29, 2013)

13 Toj/Water/”to pay” – Yesterday’s big news was 13 people killed at the Navy command center, another obvious false-flag attack, probably a mind-control subject as well.   Navy = Water.  According to the Mayan Popol Vuh the god character Tojil who creates fire from spinning on his one snake-foot, promises to give people fire in exchange for letting him “suckle” them.  By suckle, he meant the heart sacrifice!

Of course the Navy’s big plans to start another war had been thwarted by John Kerry’s misspeaking terms for Peace!   My guess is that there was some insubordination going on in the Navy that prevented the original plans for the attack on Syria.

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