11 Ahau/Sun Change We must! – IPCC climate report: humans ‘dominant cause’ of warming

BBC News – IPCC climate report: humans ‘dominant cause’ of warming.

So EVERYTHING humans have been doing for at least 1500 years now must change.

Change comes from within.  How do I change myself to better fit into the new Earth Paradigm?

How do I persuade others to change?  It is OUR business after all.

I have been trying to change people to get them into the Maya calendar but to be honest, very few have cared or had a good enough understanding to convert their lives to the Mayan ways.   That could be my own fault for being so bad at advertising my services, or people have their heads in the sand about the Catholic church’s control system based on their “Gregorian” calendar.

There is a separation of the sheep and goats going on.  Too many “spiriutal” folks have not had the courage to look deeper at the Maya calendar to grasp the issues it presents.  This means that I have not been clear or forceful enough in my presentation.

Today would be a great day for al this to change.  The meaning behind the report cited above is clearly on the best day of the Mayan calendar that it could possibly have been presented on.

The Maya and most other indigenous groups in the Americas have always stood for defending Mother Nature. It is the Little Brother or as the Maya call them, “the invaders”, who have constantly disrespected Nature, pretending that their ways were “better” or more “civilized” but now the wisdom of the Native American tribes is clear.  We absolutely must return to harmony with Nature or humans may create their own extinction!!!!

All the pretty buildings, roads, dams, coal burning plants, steel mills, quarrying, mining operations, now there is fracking and pipelines, the electrical grid, etc, etc, etc, all needs to be abolished or at minimum, completely re-thought to work in harmony with Mother Nature.

Find out how you can be a better human for Mother Earth, get your Maya calendar reading now!!!!  Cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com

Muchas Gracias,



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