13 Sun Santa came early

The Beast has been slain today, cast down into the depths of Hell when a Federal judge deemed the NSA collection of US citizens’ meta-data UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

This day on the Maya calendar, 13 Ahau, has always been a good day for dancing in the streets, but this news is greater than We can imagine for our future. We can now easily dismantle the rest of the fear-based “Systems” of control and move to compassion based Golden Age.

The previous 13 Ahau was Easter Sunday, when the new Pope Francis led his first service at the Vatican. It happens to be Pope’s birthday tomorrow and my Dad has the same birthday, Dec. 17. This will be 1 Imix, the first day of a new tzolkin cycle. Imix is the day of the hypnotist and waterlillies. So make a wish for humanity and yourself, you deserve it!
Check out my new blog coming out this Wednesday, Dec. 18, 2013 on Planetwaves.net
Here is last week’s post Time is a Holy Place/

Blessings to All,





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