Five Lizard six serpent

Mercury was discovered under the ballcourt marker at the ancient Maya ceremonial center of Lamanai, in modern day Belize. It was about 2 milligrams or so small, but it must have fascinated them deeply enough that they set it under a place where destiny, life and death were decided. During the ball game, the resonance of Mercurial energy must have emanated out of that round stone marker bouncing off the walls of the ballcourt, tapping into a more universal awareness that determined the destiny of the community and indeed, all spirits of the Earth.

The Maya knew of the energetic properties of crystals and the pyramids show they knew they had a good grasp of sonic resonance technology to create sacred spaces. This small piece of Mercury must have represented some form of advanced spiritual technology.

One of the main goals of many rituals of the Maya is to have contact and communication with their Ancestors. This is not the same as placating the “gods” with heart sacrifice as Hollywood depicts. Mixing divination was done with red beans and crystals achieved this end, so did the auto-sacrifice blood-letting ritual. Other Aj Kines (sun-priests) like Don Alejandro Oxlaj, the Grand elder of the modern Maya, hear the voices of their Ancestors while walking in a forest or performing a Fire cecermony.

In Western Zodiac astrology, we are approaching a Mercury retrograde. The first station is Feb. 6, 2014. This is a day of our Cosmic Destiny, 13 Road. This could be a great time to reconcile your personal beliefs with the Truth that we are not alone in this great Universe. We have a responsibility to prepare our selves to peacefully co-exist life forms from other star systems. That means finding true peace with ourselves and each other first.

Backing up to our current week, Wed. January 29, 2014 is 5 Lizard, careful not to indulge in too much of a good thing! Thursday’s New Moon lowers the excitement, 6 Serpent is a good healing medicine for your 3rd eye. Chinese new year will remain low key because it is on 7 Death. Saturday, get out side and try out your pychic deer antennae! Take off with Jimi Hendrix on 9 Rabbit Sunday….I don’t condone watching football, but I don’t mind a super bowl every now and then!

Much Love and Blessings! Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!
Carlos Cedillo

Mercury stations direct Feb. 28, 2014. This will be 9 Jaguar/Ix, a great day for shamans. 9Ix is “Located in the correct place where the food of Divination is obtained.” This may refer to plant medicine like peyote or magic mushrooms. The Maya also had a Sacred Drink made of seven different herbs. Crystals will be active at this time. This is a good time to practice getting in touch with your Ancestors, in the manner of your tribe or people.


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