It was 50 years ago today….Tavistock brought the band to play!

Johnny Rotten has a great line in Who Killed Bambi?, he sits down on the stage in San Fransisco tells the audience “Do you ever get the feeling you’re being used?”

The end of naiveté can be a tumultuous experience for a person’s conscience.  Please sit and relax while you read this, you can even make your favorite tea.  It would be really easy to write another article saying how great the cultural phenomenon known as The Beatles were.  There is no questioning the absolutely massive appeal of Hey Jude, Let It Be, Revolution, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, or however many dozens of songs that are all of our favorites from these four good looking fellows from Liverpool, England.

I would not be so presumptuous to think that I could ever match that appeal with my own musical creations.  How could it ever happen again in this age that some individual or group can come to have such an instant and sustained influence on the culture of the entire world?

Certainly the mass-media have produced many overnite sensations that come along and sell a few million records or CDs, but many of them are marked by the times that they arose from.  70’s disco, 80’s New-wave (thirty years old now!), Grunge, Hip-hop, name any genre of today and there is nothing that comes close to having the cultural mass-appeal as Beatles’ music.  Even if an artist manages to sell as many records or produce more hit singles, they still owe it all to the accomplishment of the Fab Four.  Elvis and Micheal Jackson were up there too, but even the King recorded a few of their songs and Micheal loved them so much he bought the rights to all of them!

So what really happened to create such a stir?  I would never have questioned the authenticity of the Beatles “experience” in my own life until a good friend who was in grade school at the time explained to me that he perceived a sense that the introduction of the Beatles to America had been contrived by nefarious means.  He recalls hearing radio announcements prior to the Beatles’ appearance on Ed Sullivan saying “The Beatles are coming, kids love the Beatles, parents hate the Beatles!”  …or something to that effect.  My friend, we’ll call him Marcos, told me about how after the Ed Sullivan show, all the kids in school were singing a song, “We Love the Beatles, We love the Beatles!”  in a sort of trance.  Marcos is a very smart guy into repairing scientific equipment and other high-tech things, so I trust what he telling me.

After doing some research online, I quickly discovered a website  of the Tavistock Institute.  Check out their history here  .  In their slide show “7 decades of the Tavistock Institute, 7 Decades of Change”, they are not shy about taking credit for some major culturally important events including the Beatles Please, Please, Me, the Sex Pistol’s Anarchy in the UK, and 9/11, 7/7 and even the election of President Obama!

Before I dig any deeper into the subject of mass-media mind-control, I want to share another perspective of cultural manifestations.   February 7, 1964, on the Sacred 260 day Tzolkin calendar was 3 Dog/Tzi.  When the Beatles landed in New York.  Happy puppies come to my mind or “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night. Two nights later, Sunday February 9, 1964 was 5 Road/Eb, the day of destiny and humility.  These Liverpool boys were going somewhere for sure!

Was it all really just a social science experiment to divert out attention from the atrocious war in Vietnam?  Years later the Sex Pistols would show up one day to say cuss words on the air on the BBC, some one inside had to open the door to let these guys on air and to promote them as if they were the next Beatles, a titled many other posers have tried to yield.

It is so hard to imagine how a company could call itself a “charity organization” could actually pull some sort of these very large scale manipulation and remain in the background without being called out by someone.  Maybe some of what they do is for the better in ways they do not compute.  Is the human mind so easily swayed that we feel compelled to follow manipulative trends like fish on a string?  What a power trip that must be.  Ultimately we all are who we are.   Would it be nice to know for sure that we are all we could have been had we not been subjected to so many deep cultural manipulations?

There are only 6 major corporations that control all outlets for mass media.   Do you think these guys aren’t in a touchy-feely kind of relationship with Tavistock?

If the questions I pose here open your mind a little bit, I recommend spending some time secluded in nature.

Blessings and Peace,

Carlos Cedillo

Autor at the Cavern Club, Liverpool, England.  October 9, 2007, John Lennon’s Birthday!!!

Photo by Laura Bertinot


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