Very Auspicious times. 8 Ahau

[Update: Wed. Sept. 6, 2017 – 8 Ahau, and guess what, it’s another Full Moon, this time at 13 degrees Pisces.  Also a Major Sun flare hits Earth today.  This is the corresponding Full Moon to the Solar Eclipse we had August 21, 2017.  In between the Eclipse and today we have had a major hurricane destroy Houston, TX and wildfires are burning much of Oregon and the Pacific NW.  Today we should get some kind of lucky break.  Carefully studying the dates in this article should help you get an understanding of what to expect, especially if you have your own journals/emails/blog posts, etc. to look back on.]

Valentine’s day [2014] falls on the Maya tzolkin date 8 Ahau the day of strong light, the sun, the Ancestors. 8 Ahau is a very auspicious day. It also happens to be on a full moon in Leo.

Here in Texas, that full moon is right before 6pm, so if you take your sweetie to Enchanted Rock, outside of Fredericksburg, you should witness the most spectacular sunset/moonrise ever!

Last week I discussed metaphoric speech as a way of gaining a shamanic understanding of the Mayan calendar. We can look to previous cycles of the tzolkin to find metaphors in historical events to begin develop an idea or intuition of what to expect during the current cycle.

I like to imagine that there is a big etheric hard-drive etching all that happens in the universe into files running on a Tzolkin and Long-count operating system!

8 Ahau holds some very potent events in it’s memory. 260 days before Valentine’s day 2014 was May 26, 2013. There were some powerful tornadoes in Oklahoma. The storms pummeled the mid-west for five days. The day, 10 Wind is just two days after 8 Ahau and that metaphor of Dark Wind certainly was evident.

September 12, 2012 was also 8 Ahau. President Obama had to address the nation about the Bengazhi, Libya embassy situation of the previous day. That does not sound very auspicious, but the intense energy is there and the issues of political power were brought to light.

On December 27, 2011 some lucky person from NY won a 208 million dollar lottery, I bet he was feeling very auspicious.

Backing up one more tzolkin cycle, on 8 Ahau, April 11, 2011 there was another major earthquake Aftershock in Japan near the Fukushima nuclear plant that had just suffered the tsunami of March 11, 2011, that major event was on a 3 Water day. (3 is a metaphor of motion)

In all these events, we see clear expressions of raw power, not necessarily “good” or “bad” applications of power, but enough to understand the energy that is returning to us February 14, 2014.

Well, I believe this covers the major energies we are in the midst of. You can use the days Mentioned to look through your journals, emails or other documents to discover how the 8 Ahau metaphor showed up in your own experiences.

Blessings and Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

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