Chac, god of Rain and War

One Rainstorm, Hun Kawok, (3/5/14) is the day of Chac, the Mayan god of Rain and War, Tlaloc is the Aztec name for this diety. This 13 day trecena ends with 13 Batz/Monkey/Thread, March 17, 2014, St. Patrick’s day.

Masks of the rain god Chac adorn the walls of several temples at Chichen Itza and many other Yucatec temple sites. His elephant-like curly snout is unmistakeable. He is a manifestation of First-Father, the Heart-of-the-Sky named Hurricane (a tri-partite figure) in the Popol Vuh. He was in the etheric waters with Plumed-Serpent before the creation of the world. Together they thought up trees and then the Earth and it’s creatures, but their work could not be complete until there were humans to speak the praises of their Creators.

It wasn’t easy to create humans, there were several failed attempts, and if we don’t make the proper ceremonies, we may be just another “attempt”.
Now that we are beyond the pivot point that was 12/21/2012, we are what we should be, the way our True Divine “Source” energy has created us. We are obliged to respond.

Chac also manifests in Maya cosmology as the primordial Cauac-monster, a god of lightning and stones from which the spirits of the Underworld return. Kawil the serpent-footed god is another character related to Chac and Cauac energies.

Kawil adorns many a royal scepter held by Maya rulers. He was the vision-serpent itself that shamans sought as a portal to the other-worlds of the gods. Kawil strikes the shaman with his lightning-bolt-hatchet right in the middle of their foreheads symbolizing a new consciousness. Kawil uses his hatchet to cause “lighting-in-the-blood” to teach a Daykeeper to use the tzolkin calendar for divination.

This Thursday, March 6, 2014 is 2 Ahau, a day of dichotomy, of being half-complete. We collectively claim our true birthright as Sovereign Beings of Light. Being of the Light is a choice that sets us free. East and West met long ago, now we must choose to unify.

Today the State, of whatever country, of every political persuasion, there are humans trying to Lord themselves over other humans. We can be a little more aggressive about asserting our right to live in a peaceful world.

Newborn Thunderbolt, Sudden Thunderbolt,
Heart of the Sky, Heart of Earth,
Maker, Modeler,
Bearer, Begetter.”
-Popol Vuh

Aho Mitakuye Oasin!

Carlos Cedillo

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