Three Jaguar, the World rises up.

I am weaving the mat of Time as well as I can, in my own understanding of Maya prophecy and drawing on as many of the world’s great spiritual traditions I am aware of. It is this weaving that literally connects the synapses in our brains and draws down spiritual Light source energy into our consciousness. The history of the world may not repeat exactly as has gone before, but events have vibrational resonance and that vibrational resonance can harmonize or create dissonance with current days.

On March 7, 2014 we began a new uinal cycle. 3 Imix, “Moving Crocodile” was the glyph for that day . The final day of this uinal is 9 Ahau, “Complete Light”, March 26, 2014.

The Chilam Balam katun prophecy for 9 Ahau has cryptic references to the seven sacraments and the arrival of “White Stone Child” and the “Virgin Woman, Mother of Seven Red Stars”.  The prophecy also talks of the establishment of a new “heavenly firmament” or the new church.
9 Ahau happened on 05.21.11 A California preacher had predicted this as Judgment Day and the end of the world. Many thousands of people worldwide had sold all their belongings after falling for this. Too bad the preacher did not know the Maya calendar because lots of Christ-consciousness energy entered the world on this day and will be pouring in this week.

Malasian Airlines flight 370 disappeared on 4 Ik, a day of “cross winds” (March 8, 2014).  This is a notoriously angry kind of day.  The Wind blows all directions at once.  This was a great day for a mysterious disappearance of an airplane.

This spring equinox, 3.20.14, is 3 Ix, the “prowling jaguar.” 260 days ago, the previous 3 Ix , July 3, 2013 saw the largest rising up of people demanding a change in the history of the world. 33 million people across Egypt ousted recently elected president Morsi. This is Mother Nature acting through her children. We do not have to wait long for changes to happen nowadays, it seems everywhere change is un stoppable.

When we decide to rise up against the shadow government, what would it look like in America? We must demand the freedom not to be spied on by other Americans in positions of unchecked power. We need to change the fear paradigm shouted to us through the mass media into the pure Love energy of Ascension.


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