11 Wind

Change is the only constant, as the old proverb goes. The Maya calendar is one of the best maps of how humanity evolves through the changes that the Cosmos puts us through. It is particularly ingenious of the originators of this system that the count of days matches the cosmic design of the human body.

It is clear that most humans have twenty digits to count with. This is reflected in the 20 glyphs used in the “uinal” cycle of the tzolkin. This creates what is known as a vigesimal counting system, as opposed to a decimal system based on ten digits. Each of the 20 glyphs is a unique archetype of human experience, some are animalistic traits like crocodile, dog or monkey, others are natural phenomena like wind, earthquake or night.

There are also 13 numbers the Maya count daily alongside the uinal glyphs like cogs in two gear wheels, and they are as much archetypal as they are numeric denotations. The origin of the 13 count is much more difficult to discern because our modern calendar and time keeping systems are centered around the number twelve. 13 is part of the Fibonacci sequence. That makes it a very important number when we look at natural phenomenon throughout the universe. It is also the number of major joints in the human skeletal system. 13×20=260

Every number and glyph combine once every 260 days in the tzolkin cycle. This Friday, March 28 (on the Gregorian calendar year 2014), we will come to the combination of the number 11 and the glyph Ik, which connotes wind, breath, and spirit. 11 represents the potential for change.

On 6 Earthquake, July 6, 2013, a Boeing 777 airliner crashed at San Francisco
Airport killing three passengers. Asiana Airlines flight 214 from China was the first such flight for the co-pilot who misjudged the speed of the plane while landing. Five days later, July 11, 2013, it was 11 Wind when the survivors were brought to inspect the wreckage.

Now, I cannot say what this implies for the Malaysian Airlines flight 370 that disappeared 245 days after Asiana airlines flight 214 crashed, but there may be some new clues to what happened or finding of debris, or the families of the passengers may resign themselves to accepting the loss of their loved ones. The energetic signature of 11 Wind will still be present.

There will also be some new development in the NSA whistle-blowers situation involving Edward Snowden or perhaps the CIA vs. The US Senate computer hacking scandal. It was 11 Wind on Oct. 24, 2012 when another whistle-blower, ex-CIA officer John Kiriakou, was convicted of releasing the name of another CIA officer involved in the torture (water-boarding) of al-Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah.

260 days later, on July 11, 2013, in an open letter to Edward Snowden, Mr. Kiriakou said “DO NOT, under any circumstances, cooperate with the FBI. FBI agents will lie, trick, and deceive you. They will twist your words and play on your patriotism to entrap you. They will pretend to be people they are not – supporters, well-wishers, and friends – all the while wearing wires to record your out-of-context statements to use against you. The FBI is the enemy; it’s part of the problem, not the solution.”

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin,
Carlos Cedillo


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