Earth’s Kundalini Rising

If you have felt life was in low gear for a few days, it was the 1Serpent energy Monday (3/31/14), followed by 2Death (4/1/14). Today is 3Deer (4/2/14). Possibly things may speed up now, at least some of that inertia will be overcome.

There is an opportunity out there that we may need to jump on today. Like the deer, it may be gone if we take a wrong approach and act over eager or selfishly. Compassion is the key to opening the heart of the matter. I have a new guitar student. The glyph for Deer is hand with thumb and fingers making a mudra, so any work involving your hands is favorable now.

This trecena of the Serpent ends with a Cosmic Earthquake, 4/12/14. Earthquakes have been going on last week in California and Yellowstone, so seismic energy, Earth’s Kundalini, is rising!

This Monday (4/7/14) is 8Road (E, or Eb), time to inherit your Destiny! 260 ago, July 21, 2013, my great friend Craig Tiras and I, as well as his daughter, set off for a grand adventure in Belize and Guatemala. Amazingly enough, the gate we departed from at the Houston airport was E8. Thank you Craig!

April 23 will bring us a mighty Grand Cross alignment. Pluto in Capricorn opposite Jupiter in Cancer, crosses Mars in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. This falls on 11Qanil/Rabbit day on the tzolkin. The glyph of Qanil contains the glyph for Venus. 11 represents the portal of change. I think this can be a symbol of our naivete and puritanism waning and our willingness to give the feminine principles a chance to lead.

There was a Grand Cross alignment, similar to the 4/23/14 alignment. It was August 11, 1999. That was on the tzolkin day 11 Rainstorm. That was a time of new teachings and new communities. A new acceleration of consciousness had just kicked in Jan. 1, 1999 according to Dr. Carl Johann Calleman’s interpretation of the Maya Long-count calendar. (see, or The internet had suddenly made texts of countless spiritual practices and esoteric practices available to everyone. We could for the first time freely communicate with other people all over the world instantly.

April 29, 2014 brings an eclipse of the Sun at 12 degrees Taurus. This will be 4 Jaguar! Look out as Mother Nature unleashes her divine grace all over the place!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin
Carlos Cedillo


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