Reflections of One Planetary Family

1 Tijax, the Flint Knife and smoky mirror, began Sunday, April 13, 2014. The trecena ends with 13 Tzi, the Cosmic Dog of family and authority figures, April 26, 2014. The day 2 Rainstorm occurred Monday, 4/14/14. This was 260 days after the Grand Sextile astrological alignment of July 28, 2013. Whatever you were doing then, think of this as a Cosmic fruition. I was on Ambergris Caye, Belize, this time around I was leaving from a visit to my brother on North Padre Island, Tx, both islands have a hotel called the “Mayan Princess!”

4/15/14 (tax day and Passover) around 2AM CST the Moon turned a fire red! That day was 3 Ahau, a beautiful healing light energy day,

Between these days and then through the end of the current uinal (20 days), Wed. 4/16/14 until Cinco de Mayo, there are some heavy planetary alignments happening. 4/20, Easter Sunday is going to be 8 Serpent, a powerful Kundalini energy day!

Keep your head down Monday, 9 Death is great for maintaining a low profile. Tuesday is 10 Deer, a good day to find a heart of gold.

A new consciousness is really what the Shift of Ages in the Maya calendar is all about. The Grand Cross alignment coming April 23, 2014, 11 Rabbit, will change everything about our inner warrior goddess. This will have very far reaching implications as more and more human beings awake to our Oneness, the reality that each individual is energetically linked to every other human soul as well as our planet to other planets, and our Sun to every star.

What’s more, the “technology”, if you can call it that, is available to every human that desires to Ascend out of the condition they find their life to be in, in the instant moment of NOW.

Each of these cool astro-alignments has conditioned our own sun to hone it’s beacon to other advanced civilizations in the Cosmos to come check out the Earth as we prepare for our Final Flowering into an intergalactic power player!

May 5, 2014 will be 10 Ahau, the day of the Black-hole Sun! Be ready to face the darkness inherent in your Light. Sunspots are part of the reason the Maya ancestors identified the Jaguar with the sun. Look for more sources of clean energy coming online now that will nail the coffin shut on the carbon polluting power regime!

Aho Mitake Oyasin!
To all my relations,
Carlos Cedillo


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