6 Water Full Moon

We had a good rest from the major impacts of last month’s Grand Cross alignment and we just got hit again with the moon and Venus lining up to activate the Grand Cross again Monday. This week we get to feel more of this tension, but if we have taken good care of ourselves the past couple of weeks it should all be positive.

The Full Moon today, May 14, 2014 is on tzolkin day 6 Toj/Water or Offering.
6 is the number healing. Toj is often associated with the moon and emotions and especially gratitude. I went for an acupuncture session Monday, 4 Deer, so I am grateful for the emotional healing!

I have a new Lightworking assignment. Over the past few years I have been part of a team of Lightworkers healing the Alamo in San Antonio. Of course, everyone remembers the famous battle that took place there during the Texas war of Independence from Mexico. Few people remember that the Alamo was in fact a holy site where friars and priests tried to convert the local natives to Christianity.

My assignment, my mission, is to return with a small team of Lightworkers to complete the re-opening of portals and convert the Alamo back to a sacred ground that it was before the Spanish conquistadors arrived. This is difficult and sensitive work, I am not sure I should even be talking about it before the work is complete. We will be dong this work on Sunday May 18, which is 10 Reed, the “dark father.” It sounds like we will be clearing out the patriarchal energies that are always clamoring for more war!

What I really have on my mind is that like Planet Waves’ new core community, my own Maya shaman practice needs to evolve and expand, or else suffer extinction. My website http://www.Cosmicjaguar.com is going to be offline soon until I create a new site that better reflects the person I am and the work that I am currently doing – playing classical guitar, and writing this blog.

I know only a few people have been motivated to get a full Maya calendar analysis from me and those are really wonderful people that usually have similar day signs to my own! I would like ideas from you, my readers, on how to change this, so more people understand how important it really is to know this information. I am an “urban shaman”, I do not have a tribe that lives on the resevation, you all are my tribe! So what I have to share is actually relevant to what is going on in our modern world.

We live in time-loops. While on these loops, our limited consciousness tends to believe that time is moving in a straight line from past to present to future. This is a mind-manufactured delusion to prevent us falling off the 3rd dimension into our own alternate universes. Kind of like how we imagine that matter is solid when any scientist can tell you what we percieve as matter is mostly empty space.

The Maya calendar helps us to understand the true cyclical nature of time and this ironically gets us off the time-loops that impeded our freedom to navigate the various dimensions beyond time. This is how shamans in many native cultures travel the Cosmos to find cures for diseases or answers to our pressing dilemmas. Without this freedom, we think of things like money, material security and our ego as something far more important than they really are. Once we understand the true nature of Reality we realize that they are indeed illusory.

My good friend Dr. Carl Johann Calleman sent me a link to a great science news story about computers simulating the start of the Universe through Dark matter.

In Calleman’s books(www.Calleman.com) he talks about the Mayan World Tree as the original creation of the Universe and this is what is taught in the Popol Vuh, the Mayan creation mythology, that the first thing the gods created were trees. Not the Sun, not the Earth, but trees!

It makes sense that you first must have a tree then seeds. In the video from the BBC, the computer simulation shows how dark matter first forms itself into tree like shapes and then forms the seeds of galaxies and stars. It is very amazing. So you can all put your silly religions away, I guess, there is God!

We also know that our Sun has a sister born from the same gas cloud as our own! I think it is quite synchronous how these two discoveries were announced as we began the trecena of 1 Lizard.


May 16, 2014 is Maya “New Year”, 8 Monkey! Celebrate that this is our own time to create as we imagine the times should be!

Much Love and Blessings,
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!
Carlos Cedillo


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