House in balance

Our future dream home is balanced with our current stability. This Wednesday 5/28/14 is tzolkin glyph 7 Akabal/Night. Your House is where you find time to dream. Your dreams reveal where your soul, your Higher-self, wants to travel. Your energetic body works in the higher dimensions. The New Moon focuses the Light beams that stabilize our conscious minds just long enough to co-create in the lower three dimensional world, the dream image our higher selves created in the higher dimensions.

This is just on the heels of 6 Ik/Wind, 5/27/14. The first of a pair of Venus Transits, June 8, 2004, opened the portal of Healing of the Warrior Goddess energy. There have been many other powerful healing energies on other 6 Ik days, too.

After the business slow down and time spent reflecting on humanity’s inhumanity to our own species, Thursday’s Moon shows itself as a thin fingernail if we are lucky enough to catch a glimpse right after sunset, 8 K’at/Lizard, or Net. This could be a great time to connect with business leads, or create abundance out of an apparent lack.

Monday is also quite a fertile and abundant 12 Qanil/Rabbit day.

June 2,2014 is 13 Toj/Water, or Offering. Developing our collective Cosmic Gratitude for all Life is the theme for this trecena that began with realizing our Oneness relationship with Mother Gaia on 1 Noj/Earthquake, May 22, 2014.

My heart is filled with gratitude! I have some great new gigs, new beautiful souls as my friends and opportunities arriving. The hardest part may be sorting the great wealth of choices available for creating the future I deserve and the vision I have held in my heart for so long!

May your dreams come true in the Present moment!
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin! …to all my relations,
Carlos Cedillo

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