One Love to Cosmic Inspiration

Welcome to a new trecena, 13 days, of Global Love awareness leading us to a portal of Cosmic Inspiration. 1 Dog is the Maya tzolkin date for Wed. June 4, 2014. As we step day by day through this portal of Love, Friendship, Loyalty and Authority we graduate to a higher level of spiritual transcendence when we reach 13 Ik/Wind on June 16, 2014.

This is a great time to start a new conversation about authentic Spirituality in the New Baktun (Great Cycle of Time).

What does the word “spirit” mean to you? Even a devout atheist must at some point understand that a “spirit of the times” affects large swaths of the human population all at once when we collectively experience trauma or triumphs. It can manifest as a general moodiness or as a feeling of genuine Liberation.

The majority of all people in the world have a Faith in an incorporeal Being that created the Earth and stars and all the humans and animals. That many billions of people cannot all be insane or deluded so whatever the experience is that leads them to be “believers” is worth examining.

Many people claim to have direct experience with a Divine presence of spiritual beings – angels, ancestors who have passed on, God, animal totems, even Extra-terrestrial beings that communicate in dreams and visions. All these are experienced either internally in a person’s mind or during near-death experiences or during plant medicine rituals, or simple fantasies. Sometimes beliefs are created as attempts to explain away what we do not understand or when we do not want to put the effort into discovering realities we would rather not confront.

There is a new wave of spirituality across the globe right now. We are all One Love as the tzolkin day 1 Dog is intended to express. Love is what God is. The instrument that picks up the vibrations of Love is not our brain but rather our Heart. If you only think you are in love, you probably are just infatuated. In Mayan tradition, it is the Ancestors of a married couple that brought them together through the spiritual realms.

My mentor and greatest teacher, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Grand Elder of the Maya, talks of how he hears the voices of the Ancestors. They come to him as random sounds as he walks through a jungle and they speak through his voice as he conducts a Fire Ceremony or during a “mixing” divination, the voices of the petitioner’s Ancestors may channel through him.

The tzolkin glyphs associated with the North and the color White are some of the best days to have spiritual experiences. These are Ik/Wind, Kame/ Death, Tzi/Dog, Ix/Jaguar, and Tijax/Flint Knife. During the current 13 days we have 1 Dog, 5 Jaguar, 9 Flint Knife (Full Moon!) and 13 Wind making this trecena a great time to get deeper into whatever form of spirituality you choose. You may find yourself carried away by emotions that suddenly tug at your heart!

The Maya say 13 Wind “would have been the first day, had there been a sun.” So Spirit is primary even to light. Modern science has created models of the formation of the Universe that show galaxies of light emerging from dark matter as fruit forms from a tree. Honor what Creator has given you
and Spirit will drop more fruit into your lap!

Blessings and Peace,
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo


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