Winds shifting for the better.

Finally we can begin to emerge from the Dark moon eclipse cycle of the past few weeks. Spring is back and Mother Nature is filling us up with her divine goodness once again.

Today is 12 Ik/Wind (5/7/14), yesterday was 11 Crocodile, the start of a new uinal that will last until May 25, 2014. That will be 4 Ahau, the same energy that was present December 21, 2012. So you see the sacred calendar never ends, nor do the ripple effects of what we do on those days that make them matter so much.

If you have been a diligent Light-worker, you can begin to work on what your passion was many years ago before this whole Shift of Ages took our attention away. For me it is classical guitar that I studied during the 1990’s. Now that I did the ceremonies, achieved the vision I had gone on a quest for, helped others to get on the Light path and transmuted my inner demons into cute little bunny angels, now I can enjoy my innermost passion that is playing classical guitar like Andres Segovia, my musical ancestor.

This Thursday is 13 Akbal, the Night and the time for dreaming the future. It is also a time for moving into a new house or clearing your house and your Cosmic dreamspace.

Friday (5/9/14) begins a new trecena of 1 Lizard, or Net. “Billions of years of evolution can’t be wrong!” The first email ever sent over the internet happened on a 1 Lizard day. Gather abundance now like corn in a basket. This trecena lasts until May 21, 2014 when those connections we make convert into Cosmic wisdom, 13 Ajamac/owl.

There are plenty of great energy days coming up, May 11 is 3 Death, Mother’s day and my Gregorian calendar birthday! May 13 is 5 Rabbit, another great abundance day, just don’t do too much of a good thing! May 14 is the Full Moon on 6 Toj/water, a day to heal with gratitude. May 16 is 8 Monkey, sometimes known as Mayan New Year, but really it is a peak of tzolkin shaman daykeeping energy.

Enjoy the renewal!

Blessings and Peace,
Carlos Cedillo

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