Full Moon Sacrifice

One of the basic moral obligations of true spirituality is the notion of sacrificing one’s self for the greater good of humanity and/or the Earth. This Thursday’s Full Moon falls on the Mayan Tzolkin day of 9 Tijax, the day of the “Light Saber!” Sacrifice often involves letting go of something that was doing you no good in the first place. You just can’t see the benefit until you have had healing time.

There are many people who do not want to make the sacrifices we face if we are to survive as a species. Others give too much and suffer burn out. The best way to give is from the heart knowing we are all one.

Looking back 260 days to the previous 9 Flint (9/25/13), it did not feel like a very busy time. My notes and emails are pretty devoid of serious content for that whole week. There was something big going on beneath the surface, I would be asked to play a gig the following month at a Tommy Bahama store in San Marcos, TX for a significant $300. This set off my conscious mind to the fact that I most certainly am worth that much and more!

During the following weeks I began a new practice regimen that I stick to everyday now. It is a shock to me that the Tommy Bahama gig was not even one full year ago, it seems like a different life-time ago! My book-end to this 260 day tzolkin cycle is that I play two gigs this week, Tuesday (6/10/14) at Hose wine in Austin, and Saturday (6/14/14) at Bending Branch winery in Comfort, TX.

On 9 Tijax, January 8, 2013, a New York judged ruled the stop-and-frisk program to be unconstitutional. That was a very positive use of 9 Flint Knife energy, correcting a grave injustice and blatant disregard for the US Constitution.

This Saturday June 14, 2014 is 11 Ahau, the Changing Sun! This is one of the most potent segment of the tzolkin round. 11 Sun signifies a huge shift towards the next phase of evolution. Life has been building up to this for 180 days since 1 Imix/Crocodile. What is activated by Thursday’s full moon achieves its full potential as the 20 day ‘uinal’ cycle comes to a close.

The previous 11 Ahau saw the release of the UN report citing that global warming is indeed man-made. Climate change deniers are the new flat-earth society!

After Saturday there are only 80 days left in this tzolkin. 40 days until 12 Ahau (7/24/14). What shifts this weekend bursts with abundance over the next 40 days, then transcends itself 40 days later on 13 Ahau (9/2/14).

Be the Love you are looking for!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo


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