America in the spotlight

SAMSUNG SGH-i917_002283
Solstice and Equinox marker temples at Uaxactun, Guatemala, the early Capitol of the Maya lands!

We are advancing rapidly to the end of another Tzolkin cycle. This week we began both a new uinal (20 day cycle) on Sunday, and a new trecena (13 day cycle) this past Tuesday.

There are 13 uinals and twenty trecenas. He uinals always begin with Imix/Crocodile days and end with Ahau/Sun days. To understand the meaning of the uinal cycles, we look at the ending Ahau day. This is not as simple as 1,2,3, because the 20 glyphs and 13 numbers rotate together like two gears and this leaves a remainder of 7 days.

Thus the Ahau days run through the tzolkin starting with 7 Ahau, then 1 Ahau, 8 Ahau followed by 2, 9, 3, 10, 4, 11, 5, 12, 6, and finally 13 Ahau.

So we are in the tenth uinal cycle, and it ends on the day 5 Ahau, that happens to be the 4th of July this year! At least this holiday will feel really like a day of rest and relaxation. The quality of this entire uinal is affected by the number 5. 5 is usually a great energy for Love and for seeing life from a higher plane perspective.

There are good things happening in the world but they are disguised as serious tragedies. Like the Sunni insurgents the US has been arming in Syria suddenly over running a third of Iraq. This happened so fast last week (starting on the Full Moon of 9 Tijax/Flint Knife) that the US media is flabbergasted and can’t believe that Bush and Co. were so wrong about what the effects of the 2003 invasion would bring about.

The good news is that as Americans wake up to our folly, we can muster the will power to kick out any remaining war hawks….hopefully including Hillary Clinton. Her vote for the war and unwavering support for all Bush’s transgressions make her unfit to lead our country as President. IMHO!

On a smaller scale, Tuesday June 17, 2014 began a new trecena with 1 Akabal/Night. Akabal is a great day to dream the future and work on your dream house. This trecena ends on 13 Tzikin/Eagle, June 29, 2014 which happens to be Ramadan. 13 Eagle epitomized by the Great Seal of the USA that has an Eagle holding 13 Arrows. With the 4th of July just five days later, it is almost too ironic. (Don’t ‘cha think?)

The Summer Solstice lands on 5 Quej/Deer, so this should be a time of compassionate love and enhanced psychic activity. Another Summer of Love coming up? I hope so!

On a lighter note, my own tzolkin birthday glyph, 12 Ix, the Jaguar, is on July 28 this year. The universe has a way of granting me gifts on that day. One of the cool things about the Maya calendar is that you get to have many more birthdays to celebrate!

Until next week,
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!
Carlos Cedillo


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