Love with a Vengeance!

We are in a Uinal (20 days) of 5 Sun, “Ahau” also “Ajpu”, the 4th of July this year, 2014.

I scanned this from The Book of Chumayel the counsel book of the Yucatec Maya 15-39-1638 translated by Richard N. Luxton, Aegean Park Press
Due to the fractal relationship of large and small cycles of time, these Katun – or 20x18x20=7200 day periods energized the current Uinal cycle whenever this uinal repeats itself we have events in the world news that mimic the events described in the the Book of Chumayel, which is otherwise known as one of the Chilam Balam prophecy books. These Chilam Balam texts were usually written in the European Spanish script with overtones of Catholic iconography that was used to cover for the ancient Native teachings!

The Chilam Balam of Chumayel holds the real prophecies for Dec. 21, 2012. They came true and until 2016 or so we will still be watching them come to pass and the last instruction is to ask “who is to be the Sun Priest, who is going to correctly interpret the word of the Glyph, truly?”

I do my part by teaching everyone I can about their true Maya birthday energies! and creating music that exemplifies the energy of each tzolkin glyph.

I digress, the prophecy (see pics below) sounds bad on the surface because it describes a lot of war and suffering going on. We have to remember that this is all metaphoric for our personal lives, and often is poetic prophecy for world wide situations. In the end of the katun (or uinal) of 5 Ahau, there will be vengeance for the people, so despite some strife there will be an end to the suffering of the multitudes. We can give love some help and the sacrifices will be rewarded at least in our spirits!



Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!
Carlos Cedillo

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