Cosmic DNA

If science now has the DNA code cracked and can alter our very own DNA, then can we also crack the DNA code of TIme? Simply following the Maya tzolkin calendar creates awareness of the four directions that, much like the four proteins that make up a DNA strand, create a Jacob’s Ladder Double- Helix.

The thirteen day cycle creates a pattern of even/light/masculine days and odd/dark/feminine days that unite into Oneness when we reach the thirteenth day. The Maya call this state of Being the Grandfather-Grandmother.

This fixed resonance pattern generated by the Maya tzolkin frequencies results in a Cosmic evolution, a literal flowering of the Tree of Life in the Universe we call outer space. When these frequencies are studied, will we be able to alter Time? My experience has been that time is malleable to a large degree.

There is a metaphysical issue regarding perception and who or what is the perciever. Certainly in dreams and other altered states of consciousness we have access to other timelines, is it possible we are changing time itself as we react to experiences and make choices within the dream itself? To me this is what being a Co-creator with the Universe is all about.

Difficulty arises when we run into other people’s energies that don’t harmonize with our individualized dream! Technically there is only One Consciousness that most people call “God”, but the very naming an infinite Being puts us in a state of separation from said deity and from other people who have different names for the same God. Also, awareness of the separation of man and woman creates a similar alienation of spirits that can only be overcome through the Heart Chakra energy. There we can finally see we are one with our soul mate, where gender ceases to matter.

This Sunday is 13 Eagle, a day glyph epitomized by the Great Seal of the USA eagle holding 13 arrows. We have the imagination and the vision, we just have to reclaim our Freedom to think and create the Big Dream for ourselves. Ironically this Sunday is also the Muslim holy day of Ramadan! Talk about dualities crashing together as One! Maybe we should start a group dreaming movement that teaches people to share their dreams and learn collaboration instead of conflict. Then we can see true Peace manifesting everywhere there has been conflict.

In Germany there is a movement to End the Federal Reserve of the USA!
They get it. Who gives the money to fund all these wars? Russia and China are now trading Russia gas in Rubles, not dollars. It is not called a Petro-dollar for nothing! They get it, stop using Federal Reserve notes, you break the power of the Fed. That’s what they do, print money. Cabish?

During this uinal of 5 Ahau that ends the Fourth of July, 2014, there is a metphorical, chickens coming home to roost happening. Decades of military aggression in Central America in the guise of a “war on drugs” that the media ignored has resulted in a new massive influx of immigrant children to our doorstep. The mass grave of immigrants buried in plastic bags recently discovered in South Texas, shows that this has been going on for a long time and was deliberately hidden from the public. Is this how you treat guests at your house?

This at the same moment that a militant group, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is using American wepons and Humvees to conquer the Iraqi Army that were trained by the US, also using American weapons and Humvees!

All those weapons used in Latin America against civilian and Native populations in alleged “drug wars” that drive out populations to steal lands for corporate interests, also Made in USA! Funny how decades of undeclared war have not only failed to stop any drugs from getting to America, but now there are drug gangs in charge of whole countries.

Vengeance is swift and cruel. This is our Time, why let it be controlled by those with bad dreams of war and all sorts of human cruelty? How about a moratorium on the manufacture and export of weapons in the USA? I must be dreaming!

My tzolkin birthday, 12 Jaguar is this Saturday, June, 28, 2014. I have a wish or two I am sending out to the Universe and all its dimensions!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!
Carlos Cedillo

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