I Need To Release

My good friend Giselle….very inspirational!

giselle koy

I Need To Release

As a writer, sometimes I write.
As an adventuress, I get OUT there.
As someone moving to start a new life, I ask for help and surf the energy.
As a human on the ascension path, I keep my eye on the prize.
As a spiritual being, I waiver and doubt and re-align.
As a lightworker on her destiny path, I ask daily for my next steps in doing what I came here to do.
As an aesthete, I appreciate beauty in all its rarefied frequencies.
As a woman, I call forth my highest option soul-mate.

We are ALL these things, and more MULTI-dimensional everyday. So when I do sit to write, who do I write as? Which dimension do I write from? How do we write multi-dimensionally?

The only thread I see that weaves through all is the heart. So from this place, I will write. And I have…

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