Owls, messengers of the Underworlds

In the stories of the Popol Vuh, owls delivered messages from the Lords of the Underworld to the Grandfather and Granduncle of the Hero Twins for making too much noise playing the Mayan ball game. They were put to painful tests and ultimately killed by the Dark Lords. This week we have been sent the message that there is too much Freedom and Individuality in the world and we should conform to corporate mediocrity. Do you find this acceptable?

On 1 Owl, Monday June 30, 2014 the SCOTUS delivered a message to the People of the USA, from the Lords of the Underworld – Corporations own your soul! The “Beliefs” (right or wrong!) of the highest stakeholders of a Corporation completely invalidate the beliefs of the actual human being under their employment. The five creepy old men sure wanted to make sure women not only cannot get an abortion procedure paid by their mandated insurance but will surely be fired for expressing opposition and independent thoughts! Oh, if the employee tries to get an abortion anyway, SCOTUS believes they should be harassed at as close range as possible!
What’s with these guys?

You can almost hear the guffaws and laughter of the Lords of Death like a room full of Dr. Evil clones! So it is up to the Light-workers of the world to shine brighter than ever! The Supreme Court is not actually permitted by the Constitution to CREATE laws, but it will take major action by sheeple of the US to transmute all of our own inner darknesses and pains into Love and Light! We are truly the least helpless of all, we have eachother!

I know there are more intelligent and creative people than myself at work at this already! My position is to “hold the space”, active non-participation in the corporate sphere while beaming psychic Light into who ever or whatever I see may be under the corporate/materialistic spell. I would play a gig for them if only to expose their souls to what an individualized expression is, and help raise someone’s vibration!

Owls were also used by the Underworld Lords to take the Princess, Blood Moon, up to the Earth and to kill her. Blood Moon convinced the owls to let her go and they took a dripping red fruit and told the Dark Lords it was her heart.

I am working my light very hard for my fellow humans right now. As wonderful as the light and love may be in higher dimensions, it is this Earth time experience that really pulls our heartstrings! There must be a reconciliation now between the Patriarchal/material world and the newly Flowered Souls that we have become since Dec. 21, 2012!

This 13 day trecena ends July 12, 2014. That is 13 Qanil/Semen, the day of being Spoiled Rottwn! The Dali Lama is 13 Rabbit. One of the best dates I ever went on in my life was on a 13 Rabbit day! Let yourself really live this one day! Just this one day! Only as a child shall you enter the Kingdom/Queendom of Heaven!

July 5th, 2014 is 6 Imix, the same tzolkin glyph as 9/11/01. Connect the dots folks, connect the dots! The war of the uber-wealthy Elite vs. the People of the USA is going to end someday. What is your vision of the outcome? Apply that vision in the now. Please share in the comments!

All together Relations,
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!


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