13 Rabbit, Spoiled Rotten with Abundance

July 12, 2014 Full Moon falls on a day known as 13 Qanil, or Rabbit (or more exactly translated as “semen”). Look for the Moon Goddess holding her Rabbit on the face of the Full Moon!

We can have a super great time this week or we may meet somebody that is truly a spoiled rotten kid, crying and bitching about everything until he/she gets what they want. You could be pampered, or you may need your Pampers changed for you.

If you tell someone you are going to spoil them rotten, they may go on a date with you finally! The Dalai Lama is 13 Rabbit so it can’t be that bad to be spoiled, as long as you remember everyone deserves to live this way sometimes.
The big change begins two days earlier on 11 Death. Watch how this transformation develops carefully to take advantage on Saturday. Play in the forest Friday, 12 Deer, and let the juices simmer before diving in during the Full Moon Saturday!

The Mothership arrives Sunday, 1 Toj/Water, a day that influences the tides and asks for meaningful sacrifice, like giving up your own interests for a loved one’s sake.

If you find super pleasure coming into your life, remember to say thank you and live it up!!!

July 24th is 12 Ahau, the end of the current uinal (20 days) that has consistently been one of the best time periods for abundance in the entire tzolkin round. My own personal way of reading of the Chilam Balam, Jaguar prophet books of the post-invasion Maya, is to take the prophecies for the long-count “katun” periods and condense their historical interpretation onto the 20-day uinal cycles of the current tzollkin. I then take poetic liberty applying what the Chilam Balam says as metaphor for what we collectively experience in the now.

To quote from the Chilam Balam about Katun 12 Ahau:

“Raingod is the face of the prophet lordship
Made manifest.
There is a heavenly day
there is a heavenly night
To bring together the shamans,
To unite the sorcerers.
There are sincere True People,
Sincere chiefs.
There is spiritually sincere speech
For all the multitudes of the town.
There is wealth for the oppressed people.
Piles of Tortillas is the word of the katun.
It is an abundant year,
An accumulation of properties also,
A good katun with beneficent rain priests
Who are going to work superbly….”

This uinal has been stellar so far and we’re barely a quarter way through it. 6 Imix started the uinal July 5th. 9/11/01 was on a 6 Imix day. 6 resonates with the “Death” glyph and can also mean healing and transformation. Imix can be the crocodile or turtle from which all life on Earth emerges, it can also mean “left-handed” and the day of the Hypnotist. 6 + Imix I have come to call the day of “connecting the dots”, or day of Cosmic acupuncture.

This 6 Imix I began a healing program I first was exposed to back in 2002 while living in LA. I had met a man with a special hand-made computer specifically designed to run a “Quantum Healing” biofeedback program. This program takes a little bit of information about you and proceeds to find you in the Ether. It downloads all your body, mind and spiritual information and calculates any illnesses, mineral deficiencies and emotions, chakra imbalances, Chi Meridians (Chinese medicine), etc., etc. just about everything you could need to know about yourself. Now this program is available as an app for your iPad or tablet device! (I am using the free trial version)

The further advantage now is that the program includes sound wave generator that creates binaural beat patterns to heal each of the imbalances you may have and allows you to take before and after pictures of your aura!

The day before 12 Ahau is 11 Cauac (Kawok)/Rainstorm. This was the day of the Grand Cross August 11, 1999! The Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse showed up and dragged us into wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and initiated changes in our communities and spiritual teachings. I had a prophetic dream that night that unfolded itself over the next ten years!
11 Kawok was also March 3, 2003 (3.3.3) the day that Lightworkers completed the Grid after years of ceremonies and sacrifice. The Grid was fired up a few years later. Be sure to hold positive intentions, our world can be a better place when we see that we are all of ONE consciousness.

That’s a lot of intention to put out for the coming week. I wish I had the resources to do more ceremonies. Perhaps we can make an online ceremony somehow? Ideas are always welcome!

All together Relations,
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo


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